Weekly round-up (9/15)


I need to get myself all gussied up for baby shower #2 (recap to follow on  Monday!), so I’m just going to jump right on into the weekly round-up.


Posts from the week

Healthy eats from the week (9/14)

My current thoughts on non-toxic beauty products

My experience with eating healthfully during pregnancy

Embarrassing moment & Trader Joe’s haul

Weekend recap (my first baby shower)

A little healthy inspiration




A little humor

(I love love love this one!)


(I can completely relate to this next one…)



Links I loved this week

Most Days (Stilettos and Diapers)

Health tip:  How to drink more water (Let Birds Fly)

A laugh, some love, and a better day (Life.Love.Lauren.)

I tried the text message joke on Michael (see the last link for details), and it failed miserably.  It completely went over his head.

Let me know if you try it with any success! :)

I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend.  I’ll talk to you on Monday!



  1. I love that How to Have a Lovely Day! All of those things make a day lovely!

    Haha sorry that the joke didn’t work! What you don’t see is all of my husbands texts that said “???” or “I don’t know what you mean…” It took my a while!

    thegrassskirt Reply:

    OK, it makes me feel better that it didn’t work for you on the first try! :)

  2. Hi Erin! I just found your blog through a link on Caitlin’s blog! After looking around I realized 2 things…1 – I’m due just two days before you with a baby girl and 2 – I think we took the same cloth diapering class at the Milky Way back in July! I was reading your pregnancy posts and saw your post about the cloth diapering class and I was definitely at the same class! Small world! Happy to have found another Charlotte mom to be :) Also, I just added you on twitter, my name on there is @erchla :)

    thegrassskirt Reply:

    Hi Rachel! I definitely remember you. What a small world! I’m so glad that you found me through Caitlin. I hope that your pregnancy is going great. I’m going to follow you right back on Twitter. :)


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