Shopping with grandma & healthy eats from the week

Happy Friday!

Michael and I just got home from a little shopping trip with his grandmother (my mom).   Our stops included Old Navy, Buy Buy Baby, and Babies ‘R Us.

In typical grandmother fashion, my mother completely spoiled her grandson during our little excursion today.

Check out this loot…



And that’s not even all of it!

Michael is my parent’s first grandchild, and it’s such a joy to see how excited they are about him.

My mother has always been a very happy and cheerful person, but I am not sure that I’ve ever seen her quite as an excited as she is these days.  She was born to be a grandmother.

Of course, in order to get to this point, she had to put up with my sister and me first. 😉


I really slacked on taking pictures of my food this week.  I’m not so sure how healthy my food will be next week with Thanksgiving and all, so next Friday’s post probably won’t look much better.

Anyway, here are a few of the healthy things I’ve eaten this week…

Healthy eats from the week

Chicken pot pie soup (I used almond milk and also followed the gluten-free version.)

Pumpkin smoothie with a few drops of sea buckthorn oil

Salad with roasted chicken

Salmon salad (I’m starting to think I have an addiction.)


I’ve also been eating a lot of tuna lately, and I am still on an egg and Greek yogurt kick.

(Just to clarify, I eat the eggs and yogurt separately.  Combining them would be downright disgusting!)

As always, feel free to share some of the healthy foods you’ve eaten this week or new recipes you’ve tried.

Have a great rest of the day!

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  1. Your little man will be stylin thanks to Grandmom spoiling him – ha! Wait until the Christmas Holiday:) That chicken pot pie soup sounds delicious – I make homemade pot pies and people are licking their ramikins! I am going to try and do mostly healthy dishes for Turkey Day with a twist of the not so good stuff for you (pecan pie is too tempting to pass up and a little slice is okay). Have a Wonderful Weekend:)

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