Kale beet salad & Flower Beauty cosmetics


About two weeks ago, I made a really delicious kale salad, and I was so excited about it that I posted a teaser on Facebook…



And then I totally forgot to share how I made it.

My brain cells have been fried since pregnancy, but luckily, I still remember everything that went into the salad which proves that some of my brain cells are still functioning.



For the base, I massaged a few handfuls of kale in about one teaspoon of melted coconut oil and a bit of soy sauce.  Then I added some butternut squash, onions, and beets which were tossed in a bit more coconut oil and some raw honey before roasting in the oven.  I also threw in some quinoa for protein.

It was really simple and really delicious.  In fact, I just might have it again today for lunch.  It will be a good way to balance out the pizza I’m planning to have for dinner tonight. 😉

On a totally different note, I’m really excited about Drew Barrymore’s new makeup line called Flower Beauty cosmetics.  For one thing, I love anything beauty-related.  I also happen to think Drew is pretty awesome, and I’ve heard that, unlike most celebrities with their own line of something, she’s actually very hands on and involved in the development/creative process.   And even better- the makeup is made in the U.S. and isn’t tested on animals.

(Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any information regarding whether or not the makeup is paraben-free.)

I actually went to Wal-mart yesterday to look at the line, and the store was practically wiped out already!

I don’t know anything about their staying power, but the nail polish colors are gorgeous.  As tempted as I was to pick one up, I resisted (smart decision considering the fact that I don’t get to paint my nails much these days).

I also really wanted to get one of the lip butters, but the shade that I wanted (sheer snapdragon) was sold out.  I’m pretty sure that I’ll live considering that I already own a ridiculous amount of lip products…but that doesn’t mean I won’t be back to look for it!



Have you tried Flower Beauty cosmetics?  If so, what did you think? Here’s some more info from StyleList if you’re interested.

What is your favorite Drew Barrymore film? It is difficult for me to choose just one because I love Never Been Kissed, 50 First Dates, and The Wedding Singer so muchI also really like Charlie’s Angels.  It makes me feel like I could kick some booty!

Have a great day!

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  1. Love 50 First Dates:) I cannot wait to check out her wine that she is involved in. I am not a big into beauty person – natural – always wear SPF 30 moisturizer though. Happy Tuesday

  2. I tried So Gladiola from Drew Barrymore’s new Flower Beauty line. Gorgeous color and best of all it did not smell rancid like so many lip colors do nowadays. I am a convert!

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