Healthy eats from the week & link love


If you’ve been reading TGS for awhile, you might remember my “healthy eats from the week” posts.  Since I haven’t done one of those in several months, I figured that I’d do one today- in gallery style.

 Healthy eats from the week

As you can see, I enjoyed grilled chicken salads, quinoa, sliced veggies with hummus, fish, smoothies, and omelets this week.

I’ve been on a big brown rice kick lately too.

And for some reason, I have “rice, rice, baby” (to the tune of the Vanilla Ice classic, of course) stuck in my head.



For your reading pleasure, here are some links that I’ve enjoyed this week…

12 real-mom tips on how to stay organized

Thirty-three bloggers in one place (I make an appearance in this one!)

Bikini bite from Lauren Conrad

10 hilarious running shirts

Get what you want


I’m going to attempt to squeeze in a workout while Michael is napping and then take him for a nice long walk before the rain (supposedly) comes.

Happy Saturday!


  1. Tori G @ Styled Like A Rockstar

    Mmm all of that food looks so bright healthy and delicious!!

    thegrassskirt Reply:

    I didn’t realize how colorful my diet was this week until I put the photos together!

  2. I love seeing what other bloggers eat doing the week. It always gives me great and new ideas. I love the 10 hilarious running shirts, I want all of them 😉

    thegrassskirt Reply:

    I’m not even a runner, and I want the shirts!

  3. Yum! Looks like a delicious week. I was so bad this whole week for some reason – couldn’t stay away from grains!

    xox Lara

    thegrassskirt Reply:

    Grains are my weakness, so I hear ya. 😉

  4. Pahaha I love the zombies running shirt! That’s amazing.
    Okay, the way you eat is amazing. I mean, I already knew that. But it’s really great to see your roundup; it’ll inspire me to put down the chips and make something with real nutritional value!

    thegrassskirt Reply:

    I loved that shirt too! :) I’m glad that my healthy eating is inspiring. That makes me happy. :)

  5. It all looks delicious! And very green and red! He he!

    thegrassskirt Reply:

    I didn’t even notice the green and red until now, but you’re right! I guess that I favor Christmas colors when it comes to food. :)

  6. Hey lady! I made the salmon cakes you posted about a week or two back today–THEY ARE AWESOME. I made ten and they’re gonna be gone by tomorrow once my boyfriend gets ahold of them. Thanks for the recipe!

    thegrassskirt Reply:

    Yay! I am SO excited that you made them and loved them! They are a go-to meal in my household. :)

  7. You make healthy look delicious! Nom nom nom

    thegrassskirt Reply:

    Thank you, dear! :)

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