Weekend recap (family fun at the zoo)

I took a ton of pictures over the weekend.  In fact, I took so many that my iPhone actually begged for mercy and told me that I wasn’t permitted to take anymore unless I deleted some existing ones first.

Anyway, here are some of the one million photos that I took…

Portofinos Dinner

On Saturday evening, we had dinner outdoors at Portofino’s (which was preceded by a family shopping trip to GAP), and I ordered my very favorite salmon salad ever.

Portofinos salmon salad

Truth be told, I mainly order it because I love the salad dressing so much.  I’m fairly certain that there isn’t anything healthy about it at all, but I could seriously drink it from a glass if someone served it to me that way.

Sunday marked our very first family visit to the zoo!

(It was the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, South Carolina.)

kangaroos and flamingos

elephants and turtles

mommy and michael 3

Obviously, Michael is still a bit too young to appreciate all of the exhibits, but MT and I had a blast.

Michael actually was fascinated by the penguins though which was very cute.

 michael at the zoo


But I’m pretty sure that the highlight of the day for him was having his diaper changed in the trunk of the car.

diaper change in the car

On Memorial Day, we went to The Flying Biscuit Cafe for breakfast.

flying biscuit

However, we actually left the restaurant in major Skillets withdrawal.

The owners decided to close down their Charlotte location permanently, and I don’t know what we’re going to do!

MP Memorial Day

Later in the day, the three of us went to my mom and dad’s house for a late lunch/early dinner.  My sister and her husband were also there, so it was a fun family affair.

salmon and corn

And as always, the food was delicious.

After all of the excitement of the weekend, Michael passed out for the night at 4:30 pm… MT and I weren’t too far behind!


How was your weekend?

What is your favorite zoo animal?  I’d have to go with elephants.  I really want one for a pet, but MT just isn’t going for it.  No clue why. 😉


Have a great day!



  1. Tori G @ Styled Like A Rockstar

    You look beautiful And Michael is too cute for words!

    thegrassskirt Reply:

    Thank you. You’re very sweet! :)

  2. I love the lions, tigers and apes:) Great Captures – your little man is getting so BIG! Could you imagine the clean up in having an elephant – at least you could find the piles in the backyard as well as the elephant too – ha! Had a relaxing weekend here. Have a Great Week:)

    thegrassskirt Reply:

    I was hoping that you’d say you loved lions, tigers, and bears. 😉 Have a great week! :)

    Renee Reply:

    Love bears too – all kinds – ha:) Have you seen the new North America series on Discovery or Nat Geo – AWESOME!!!

  3. Kirsten

    Wow, Michael is turning into a little boy, instead of a baby!

    thegrassskirt Reply:

    I know. :( He needs to stop getting so big!

  4. GOSH that is a good looking baby!!!

    thegrassskirt Reply:

    Thank you! He’s my handsome little man. :)

  5. Looks like you had a lot of fun this weekend! My favorite zoo animal is the elephant as well! My hubby won’t let me have one as a pet either. What’s with that? Haha.

    thegrassskirt Reply:

    Seriously! What is wrong with them? Maybe they’ll let us get one if you and I share it- kind of like joint custody. :)

  6. Love this! Such cute pictures! Bummer about your favorite restaurant closing down though!



    thegrassskirt Reply:

    It was such a shock! We had planned to go there for breakfast on Monday, and on Sunday afternoon, I read on Facebook that they were shutting down as of that afternoon! Oh well, it was still a great weekend. :)

  7. The penguins at SeaWorld are the best. I’m with Michael! :)

    Classy with a Kick

    thegrassskirt Reply:

    You would have loved the ones we saw then. They were hilarious! I’d have to say they are definitely ranked at #2 on my list. :)

  8. This looks like it was such a wonderful day! Plus I think if you took so many photos that your camera phone stopped storing them then that’s a sign of a really good weekend :)

    thegrassskirt Reply:

    I totally agree! :)

  9. Ok, so all of your meals make me want some!!! Looks like you guys had a spectacular day and your photos are so beautiful! :-)

    thegrassskirt Reply:

    Aw, thank you. :) And I’d gladly share my food with you.

  10. I can’t get over how adorable Michael is!!! I hope he had so much fun with the animals :)

  11. Michael has the most beautiful eyes!


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