Weekend recap (birthday bar hopping)

This past Thursday was MT’s birthday, so I wanted to make the weekend all about him.

We had some cake on his actual birthday, but I made him a special dinner (chicken Parmesan) on Friday night.

red velvet cake

On Saturday night, we celebrated by doing some bar hopping in the NoDa area of Charlotte.

By the way, NoDa is short for North Davidson Street, in case you’re not from these parts and you’re wondering. 😉

heist brewery 1.jpg

We started off with a visit to Heist Brewery where we enjoyed a tapas style dinner, including fire brick salmon, forked-up ahi, steak and papaya martinis (served in martini glasses), chicken and waffles, and pork belly corn dogs.

heist brewery 2

Everything was delicious and the presentation was awesome.

We’re told that they also have shrimp wrapped in cotton candy which looks like something Dr. Seuss would have dreamed up, but we were way too stuffed to try it.  Maybe next time!

Before we left, I enjoyed my only glass of alcohol for the evening being that I told MT I’d handle driving back home.  I’m way too much of a lightweight to drink any more than that unfortunately.

Our next stops were to NoDa Brewing Company where we met up with one of MT’s friends and his wife and then finally Birdsong Brewing Company.


Even though I couldn’t really drink, it was still a great time, and most importantly, the birthday boy had fun. :)

Other weekend events included a family visit to Trader Joe’s to stock up on some food essentials and wine (also essential), some walks, scenic drives, and lunch at Hickory Tavern to watch college baseball.

trader joes

hickory tavern

MT and I really wanted to take Michael to our neighborhood pool on Sunday afternoon, but the weather just did want to cooperate. Hopefully, we can go next weekend!

How was your weekend?  I’d love to hear all about it.

Have a great day!



  1. Tori G

    Happy birthday to MT!!! Looks like the perfect birthday weekend!

    thegrassskirt Reply:

    It was a lot of fun. I’ll tell him that you said happy birthday! :)

  2. Love Noda, even if I haven’t been around those parts in forever! :) Glad you had a great weekend!

    thegrassskirt Reply:

    It was the first time that I had been there in a few years! We should meet up there sometime. Heist is family friendly! 😉

  3. Tapas are so cool. I’d love to enjoy that again!!! Sounds like a great weekend. And look at your, so selfless for your hubby. My hubs is this weekend, and I’m getting his gift(s) all prepped. He works all weekend though which is a total bummer!!

    thegrassskirt Reply:

    Aw. I hope that you and the hubby have a nice birthday celebration. It stinks that he has to work though!

  4. oh that cake. that tuna!!

    thegrassskirt Reply:

    Both were DELICIOUS!

  5. Hope he had a very happy birthday! Looks like it from all the photos! You’re so sweet to your man!

    xox Lara http://www.weheartbeautyblog.com

    thegrassskirt Reply:

    He’s pretty sweet to me too, so he deserves it. :)

  6. Sounds like a great yummy weekend!!

    thegrassskirt Reply:

    Yummy is a great way to describe it! :)

  7. Happy Birthday MT! All that food looks DELICIOUS. Sounds like a good weekend.

    thegrassskirt Reply:

    It was definitely a great weekend. I want to go back and eat everything again!

  8. Luanne @ 3380 Lady

    Thank you for linking up at The Lady’s blog hop.
    Wow! what a fun Birthday celebration. Yummy foods and drinks, The best!
    See you on the 24th for hop #2

    thegrassskirt Reply:

    Thanks for hosting! :)

  9. Looks like such a fun weekend! I love a little bar-hop on a weekend afternoon :)
    I found your blog on Friend Blog Hop and now I’m a new follower on bloglovin! I’d love if you’d check out my blog too!
    Kallie, But First, Coffee

    thegrassskirt Reply:

    Thank you so much for visiting! I subbed to you the second I saw your blog. It is so cute, and I cannot wait to follow and get to know you. :)

  10. Sounds like you had a fun weekend! Mine was pretty lazy just shopping and some beach time. But that’s what weekends are for right?

    thegrassskirt Reply:

    That is exactly what weekends are for! :)

  11. Kirsten

    The brewery hop looks like a lot of fun! We took our little guy to the pool for the first time this weekend, and he had a blast. The kids loves water so far!

    thegrassskirt Reply:

    It was SO much fun. Thank you for the suggestions! I bet that G was adorable in the water! We’re taking Michael this weekend, and I cannot wait. :)

  12. OMG! I live in Charlotte as well. I am in the Ballantyne area. I do build your own salad at Hickory Tavern all the time; it’s my favorite. Looks like a fun weekend!!!

    thegrassskirt Reply:

    OMG! I live just past Ballantyne. We should meet up some time!! :)

  13. Hi there! I am co-hosting this week on the Grab A Friend Blog Hop. Thanks for connecting up! I love your blog.

    I host a (Not SO) Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop and a TGIF Link Party over at my place — A Peek Into My Paradise… http://apeekintomyparadise.blogspot.com/ I would love for you to link up and follow if you like what you see. =) I follow back – I love making new friends!

    Have a terrific week!

    Hugs, Cathy

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