How to make healthy meal choices at a Mexican restaurant


Last night, I met up with some girlfriends (and fellow mommies) for dinner at a Mexican restaurant called Charanda.  It is one of my favorite Mexican restaurants in the area, and I’ve never had a meal there that I didn’t like.

It was so much fun to catch up with the girls, and being the wild and crazy mommies that we are (totally kidding) were we there until close. Apparently, we had a lot to say about the topic of poopy diapers. 😉

I’ve always loved going out for Mexican food- even as a child.  Unfortunately, it is really easy to go overboard at those restaurants which can result in sluggishness and stomach discomfort (among other things).

However, it is actually surprisingly easy to enjoy a good healthy meal at a Mexican restaurant.


How to make healthy meal choices at a Mexican Restaurant


  • First and foremost, choose a restaurant that uses fresh quality ingredients.  Sorry, Taco Bell.
  • Go easy on the free chips and salsa.   If you don’t think you can keep yourself from eating three baskets of tortilla chips, kindly ask the waiter or waitress to take them away.
  • Avoid cheese laden dishes, such as nachos and cheese dip.
  • Choose items that are grilled rather than fried.
  • If you order a salad, hold the sour cream, taco shell, and cheese, and use salsa, pico de gallo, and guacamole (sparingly) as salad dressings.
  • Limit yourself to one or two alcoholic beverages, especially fruity frozen ones.  Mojitos and wine are good alternatives to daiquiris and pina coladas.
  • If you like fish, pass on the fish tacos and order seviche.  This dish is light and protein packed.
  • Ask for sides like black beans, salad, and seasoned vegetables.
  • If you order fajitas, remember that you don’t have to use all of the ten tortillas that come with your meal. You can even skip the tortillas and use lettuce leaves instead.
  • As always, watch your portion sizes.  They can be huge!  Ordering an appetizer as your entree is one great way to keep your serving size relatively normal.
  • If you want to order the greasiest and cheesiest thing on the menu, go for it.  But as I just said, watch your portion sizes and try to pair the dish with some sort of vegetable.
  • One thing that I do at most every restaurant is skip dessert if I am drinking alcohol and vice versa.


What is your favorite thing to order at a Mexican restaurant? I love seviche, chicken or veggie fajitas, and of course, guacamole.

What are your tips for making healthier decisions at Mexican restaurants?


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  1. Wow, I love Mexican, these are some great tips! Chips are my down fall. Thanks for linking up Feel some lovin!
    Bugs and Beans

  2. I find I get more protein if I order fajitas and ask for a side of lettuce instead of tortillas. Then I just make my own salad. But a puny chicken salad comes with like 3 chicken strips….so instead I get lots of yummy grilled chicken.

    I also go to a place that has celery sticks available instead of chips. So I can do celery and queso and salsa and feel pretty guiltless.

    thegrassskirt Reply:

    Celery sticks in place of tortilla chips? What a great idea!

  3. Tori G @ Styled Like A Rockstar

    Thank you! I needed this…Mexican is my fave!!

  4. I LOVE Mexican!!! I think I secretly was born Mexican and somehow given paler skin and the inability to speak Spanish hahah

  5. Tina Matteson

    Thanks for the great tips! I have been ordering chicken fajitas without the tortillas for a while now. They’re always good.

  6. Great Post – Sounds like you gals had a BLAST! I am all for substitions and all you have to do is ask. I love the grilled options and try to add in the greens too. Have a Great Day:)

  7. Found your blog through the blog hop :) looking forward to following along! my name is Jessica, nice to meet you! love your blog! Its so cute!

    thegrassskirt Reply:

    Thanks so much for visiting, Jessica! :)

  8. I love that I came across this post since I just posted a Mexican dish! I guess I’m not the only one that is in love with these ingredients. I should of added the guacamole! :(

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