Things I’m loving lately (October 2013)

Things I'm loving lately- October 2013


GEODEO Natural Deodorant

Over the years, I’ve tried a lot of different natural deodorants, and while I have liked a lot of them and thought they did a fine job, I never found one that I’d consider using for life.  Until last month.  While I never tested its strength during something like CrossFit or while running a marathon, I have worn GEODEO Natural Deodorant on days when it was nearly 80 degrees outside, and I was wearing a bulky sweater, leggings, and tall boots.  (Let’s just say that sometimes I forget to check the weather before leaving the house.)  Anyway, it keeps me feeling fresh all day long, controls odor, and goes on clear.  I prefer the unscented version, but if you’re into scented deodorants, you’ll have a lot to choose from with this brand.  If you haven’t found your holy grail natural deodorant yet, I definitely recommend giving GEODEO a try.


Just Fab

I was totally sucked in by all of the ads and commercials all over the place for Just Fab recently and placed an order for a pair of boots.  I mean, they were $19.95.  How on earth can a woman pass up that kind of a deal?  My boots arrived in just a few days and were very nicely packaged.  I was so impressed with the quality of the boots that I ordered another pair a few weeks later.  My experience was just as positive, so I’m officially hooked and cannot wait to order more shoes!


Clif Kit’s Organic

If you follow me on Instagram and/or Twitter, you already know that I picked up one of these bars from Whole Foods a few weeks ago as a little mid-afternoon snack.  To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much, but I really liked the cashew flavor a lot.  In fact, the bars are now a diaper bag/purse staple in case I get hungry while I’m out and about during the day (which happens quite often).


Pumpkin Spice Brulee Oolong Tea from Teavana

This is by far the very best tea that I’ve ever had in my entire life, and that’s a very strong statement coming from a diehard vanilla rooibos tea fanatic.   There’s absolutely no need to add anything to this tea at all.  It’s that good on its own.  I’m going to try the white chocolate peppermint rooibos tea next though. I have a feeling that it will be another winner!


Essie A List nail polish

A List is accurately described as “a classic creamy red” on the Essie website.  The color is so perfect for the fall, and I’ll probably be wearing it on my nails throughout the winter as well.


What have you been loving lately?  Share away!



  1. The fruit nut bar looks yummy!
    And nail polish is perfect colour for this season.
    I have nominated you for a Sunshine Award! Congratulations!

  2. Love that nail color. The Kit’s bars are really great. I loved the berry almond one. :)

  3. I am loving that I am getting STRONGER – I actually graduated to actual weights on Saturday in the gym – I have little 5 pounders on each end of my curl bar now!!! I love tea (cold or hot) and checking out new flavors and types of teas. I am going to check out that deodrant too – always looking for a good 24 hour protection one. Happy Thursday:)

  4. I recently tried just fab for their buy one get one free special and got two boots for $40. Their customer service is amazing as well. Just make sure to cancel or skip your subscription every month if you dont plan on purchasing more! :)

    Kristen @ Your Beauty Fix

  5. Love that nail color and I will have to try that deodorant. I’m always on the lookout for a great natural deo so thanks for the review!

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