Things I didn’t share Friday (3/28)

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As of last night, I was all set to do a normal Things I Didn’t Share Friday post today to tell you stuff like how much I loved Frozen (Kristen Bell is adorable even when she’s animated), how Michael busted a move in GAP the other day to James Brown (wish I caught it on video), that I’m newly obsessed with the soft pretzels sold at the convenience store down the street, and that I am really looking forward to an early birthday dinner with MT tomorrow night.

However, I wasn’t prepared (until this morning) to tell you that I’m already dilated or that my doctor thinks that the baby could arrive in just a couple of days!  I feel like a bit of a ticking time bomb right now as I get a few last minute things in order.  However, my doctor assured me that the baby isn’t going to just “fall out” while I’m at home or in the car on the way to the hospital which is comforting. I don’t exactly want to recreate a scene from a movie or anything.

I’m really excited to finally meet our baby girl, but I do hope that it isn’t until after my birthday dinner.  I could use one last date night!

I’ll keep you updated on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, so make sure that you follow me. I’ll reveal the name once she’s born of course and show you the nursery (so excited!).

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Happy Early Birthday – Enjoy Your Dinner Date Night:) So Excited that the Wee Dudette Will Be Here Soon!!! Happy Weekend.

  2. Happy Early Birthday Girl!oh and good luck with the baby. I can’t wait to see pics!


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