Things I didn’t share Friday (4/25)

things i didn't share friday


1.  I had all of the intentions in the world to do lots of posts this week, but as you may have noticed, that didn’t happen.  Addie has been super cuddly and likes to be held a lot- which is awesome- but it also makes it a bit difficult to get much done during the day.    When she is napping, I like to spend some one-on-one time with Michael, so again, I am not getting much blogging accomplished.  I’ll settle into a rhythm soon though, but until then, my posting schedule might be limited to just 2 days a week.  I love blogging, but baby cuddles come first. :)

2.  After a long hiatus, I finally got back into working out again this week, and it felt so incredibly amazing!  Even when I am dead tired, the workouts give me an extra burst of energy.  Since I am only 2 1/2 weeks postpartum, I have been keeping things very light with mostly some toning workouts that I found on YouTube and Hulu Plus.  If you’re interested, I’ll do a follow-up post all about my current routine.

3.  My season finale of my beloved Southern Charm was on this week, and it was so juicy and entertaining.  I really hope that there is a season 2 because I am so not ready to say goodbye.  I cannot even bring myself to delete the old episodes off my DVR!

4.  My sister is a teacher and has been on Spring break.  It has been so much fun to hang out with her, and I cannot wait until she is off for the summer.  This morning, I made us some oatmeal, and we watched the first episode of True Tori– which we are pretty sure is staged.  It’s so hard to tell if Tori is just giving us her best “Donna Martin” cries or if it truly is reality.  Either way, we love the drama.

5.  I found these little single use face masks at Target this week and highly recommend the revitalizing and hydrating ones for a little pampering session.  They are less than three dollars each, and I was really impressed with how nourished my skin felt after I used them.  I’ll absolutely try some of the others soon.

Did you watch Southern Charm? If so, what did you think of the finale?

Happy Friday!


  1. SWEET Capture of the two of you – mom and daughter :) Happy Friday – Happy Weekend!!!

  2. i didn’t know you watched southern charm! that show is just…interesting. not a good representation of charleston, but still hard not to watch!! i surely watched them all. i haven’t heard anything from friends about a new season but you never know! i mean, they had a freaking baby!!!!!

  3. I’ve never even heard of that show before!! I need some new shows to watch. I love having the freedom of being done school to do whateeeeverrrr!!

  4. I’ve never caught an episode of Southern Charm, but I hear it’s really good!

    Oh and I need to check out those masks from Target they sound great!

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