3-hour diabetes test results & healthy eats from the week

As of yesterday afternoon, I still hadn’t heard back from my doctor about the results of my 3-hour glucose screening.

(If you’re just catching up, you can read my post about the test here). 

Since I can barely remember my own name these days, I was thrilled when Michael reminded me to call to follow-up.

It felt like an eternity as I waited for the nurse to give me the news (good or bad, I was ready for it), but she finally said, “We called the lab, and you passed.  You have no worries at all!”

Needless to say, the news made me very happy.  Michael suggested that we celebrate with a sugar-filled trip to Krispy Kreme, but I am still overloaded from our last visit!

Not to mention, I haven’t been craving junk food at all this week.  If anything, I just want clean fresh foods.

Speaking of which…

Here are a few of my healthy meals from the week!


Healthy eats from the week

Crispy blackened tofu with quinoa and veggies

Banana protein smoothie

Blueberry protein pancake

Omelet with one whole egg, two egg whites, kale, mushrooms, and red onion

Nature’s Path waffle with berries, chia seeds, and scrambled eggs

Organic butternut squash soup with a veggie wrap

Salmon salad

Egg white omelet with cantaloupe

What is the healthiest thing you’ve had to eat this week?  Recipes and links are welcome.  

Happy Friday!


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  1. I am glad your results are good. I am sure you are very relieved. Continue to have a blessed pregnancy.

  2. Lynda @healthyhobokengirl

    Erin, I’m so glad testing went well. My healthy eats lots of green salads! Also discovered a great mom blog ‘real kids eat spinach’ lots of dairy free options. Happy weekend!


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