6 oils to start using today for health & beauty

I am a big fan of adding certain oils to my diet and using them in my beauty routine.  They are a relatively inexpensive, natural, nontoxic, and usually very easy to find in stores.  Many oils even fight inflammation and dry skin- two things that I battle constantly- so it is no wonder that I like to use them.

You are probably more than familiar with popular oils, such as olive oil and probably even coconut oil, but hopefully, I will familiarize you with a few more today!

Note: Choose organic and cold pressed oils whenever possible (here’s why).

6 oils to start using today for health and beauty

Avocado Oil

Health benefits: Can reduce inflammation, help to keep blood sugar stabilized, supports the immune system, and suppresses the appetite.

Beauty benefits: It is thick, nourishing, and extremely moisturizing, so it makes for a great hair mask and body moisturizer.

Coconut Oil

Health & beauty benefits: See my 50 Uses for Coconut Oil and 50 More Ways to Use Coconut Oil for so many benefits!

Castor Oil

Health benefits: Can improve the immune system, alleviate constipation, and soothe aching joints when massaged into the skin.

Beauty benefits: See my post on why you should add castor oil to your beauty routine.

Sea Buckthorn Oil

Health & beauty benefits: I wrote about the healthy and beauty benefits of this oil nearly three years ago.  At the time, I was new to sea buckthorn oil, but I’ve continued to use it and am definitely a believer.

Flaxseed Oil

Health benefits: Provides essential fatty acids, reduces inflammation, and helps to regulate the digestive system.

Beauty benefits: Can prevent acne and clear blemishes, even out skin tone, and reduce the appearance of dark under eye circles- all when applied topically.

Hemp Oil

Health benefits: Provides omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which are excellent for brain health, regulates hormones and promotes menopausal health, supports a healthy immune system, and is excellent during pregnancy because it helps to develop the brain of the growing baby.

Beauty benefits: Hydrates the skin and has anti-inflammatory properties- which is great for anti-aging!


What are your favorite oils to use for cooking?  Do you use oils as part of your beauty routine?

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  1. Hi Erin! Great list! I’ve been learning about essential oils and I’ve already begun to use some of these. Thanks for sharing. Pinning! 😀

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