6 ways to avoid holiday stress & a Pampers giveaway!

             As I’ve said recently, this holiday season has been a tiny bit hectic thanks to all of the shopping, nursery planning, and decorating- not to mention raising a toddler.  

However, I think that most people, especially mommies, experience some sort of stress and chaos during this time of the year. 

Here are some of my best tips for avoiding all of that…    

6 ways to avoid holiday stress   

1. Don’t go overboard if it isn’t necessary.  This mainly goes for newer mothers with little ones who are too young to understand the whole Santa thing.  There’s nothing wrong with wanting to make the holiday special regardless, but why not save all of that stress for the years to come when your child has something on their wish list that you cant find anywhere?  Until then, just keep it simple and sweet with a few little toys. 

2. Eat well and exercise. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, it is so easy to neglect our health when we’re tied up in all of the festivities. And the amazing holiday food certainly doesn’t help matters much! I honestly don’t see anything wrong with indulging during the season, but I always try to make sure that I squeeze some fruits and veggies into my day, and I drink tons of water. I’m not allowed to exercise at the moment due to my pregnancy, but I do stay pretty active during the day and always take walks with Michael when the weather permits. Just adding a few healthy little habits to your day can really help to keep your body in check- not just during this time of the year but all year round.  

3. Don’t set unrealistic expectations. My inner Clark Griswold always wants to ensure that Christmas is as special as possible…but sometimes the Christmas cookies get burned (this happened to me this year unfortunately), the pre-lit tree burns out, and you run out of wrapping paper on Christmas Eve…and that’s OK.  Most of the time, the unplanned things are what end up being the most memorable.  

4. Get plenty of sleep.  Santa Claus might be able to pull the occasional all-nighter, but that’s really difficult to do if you’re a mommy and/or work full-time.  It is also pretty taxing on the body.  Try to do a little wrapping each night, spread out your cooking, don’t watch your entire Christmas movie collection all in one evening, and make getting to bed a priority.  

5.  Make a list and check it twice.  Writing down all of your to-dos, such as last minute gifts you need to purchase, cards you need to write, etc. can be a real life saver when things are moving so quickly (or when you have pregnancy brain as I do).

6. Do some one-stop shopping.  Dealing with the crowds at multiple stores isn’t my idea of fun.  That’s why I do one-stop shopping whenever possible.  Last week, I popped into CVS for Pampers diapers and wipes, candy for MT’s stocking, a birthday card, shampoo, paper towels, and some cereal.  It was super convenient and saved me from having to run to 3 different stores just to get everything that I needed.  

Giveaway Details

  In order to make your life easier, Pampers & CVS are giving away one voucher for free diapers and another for free baby wipes to one lucky reader of The Grass Skirt. You can use the vouchers on any of their diapers, such as Baby Dry, Swaddlers, Overnight, Cruisers, and even Pull-Ups which is awesome!  I know that we go through diapers like crazy (and it is only about to increase with two little ones in our house), so free diapers are always a good thing in my book.  

You can complete a many of the entries as you choose using the widget below.  The winner will be announced on January 1, 2014.  

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Good luck!



I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  1. Mary Happymommy

    I avoid stress by shopping online.

  2. Would so give these to my sister…she just had a baby!!

  3. I also do as much of my shopping online as possible. Saves so much time.

  4. stephanie

    i shop online!!

  5. I shop online to avoid the crowds.

  6. Great Tips!!! I purchase online as well as go for the gift card kiosk:) I am a list maker from gifts to menus.

  7. I do alot of yoga!


  8. We stick to a schedule, take regular naps and I make lists to keep myself organized

  9. shopping online

  10. I try to stick to a regular schedule and get plenty of sleep.

  11. I like to exercise to avoid stress.

  12. I don’t set crazy expectations for myself to do it all. As long as the basics get done, like tree, Christmas cards, and lights on the house, anything else is icing 🙂

  13. Sara Floyd

    Shop online and just relax and don’t worry about the little stuff

  14. I shop online to avoid the stress of the stores.

  15. I also shop online for pretty much everything. We tried hard not to over commit this year so that we could enjoy the holiday and not stress about getting to the next stop on time.

  16. Danielle Jones

    I start shopping early. This year I did more shopping online than I ever have before. I also learned to google for coupon codes and a lot of stores that I bought from had a code for free shipping. Also I know that with kids not everything will go as planned. For instance when my son’s new shoes arrived and they were pink and purple instead of black. We all had a good laugh about it.

  17. Emilie Proctor

    I plan ahead! Last minute things always stress me out!!

  18. Jennifer Marie

    I try and buy gifts ahead of time!!

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