7 energizing healthy habits

Remember when I told you that I was going to take Michael to see Santa for the first time?  Well, he did just great!

Unfortunately, he was handed over to the jolly old guy right around the time he was supposed to eat, so we have a few photos where Michael looks less than thrilled.

Here are some outtakes…


We did get a really cute photo though, but I’m saving that one for our Christmas cards.

Michael also had his one-month well visit at the pediatrician’s office today, and even though he got a shot, he was so good.  So far, when it comes to Santa and doctors, my baby has no fear!

On another subject…

Lately, quite a few people have asked me how I manage to have so much energy while caring for a newborn.  Before I get into that answer, let me make one thing clear…

I am definitely tired.

However, I think that some of my healthy habits allow me to pull through the exhaustion.


Healthy Habit #1:  I don’t push myself too hard when it comes to exercise.

Right now, I’m formally working out only about 2-3 times a week by following instructional DVDs.  It is a good way to unwind, but I honestly don’t feel the need to go overboard because I get plenty of exercise during the day.   Carrying a baby around, cleaning house, and lugging a huge carrier through a store is no joke.  I cannot imagine adding grueling gym workouts on top of it all right now.  Besides, my biceps have never looked so good!


Healthy Habit #2:  I take lots of supplements.

Every evening, I take a pretty large cocktail of vitamins and supplements.  This includes a prenatal vitamin, vitamin B complex, evening primrose oil, sea buckthorn oil, alpha lipoic acid, and digestive enzymes[Please note:  While these vitamins and supplements might work for me, you should consult your doctor before trying them for yourself.] 


Healthy Habit #3:  I drink homemade juice or a green smoothie every morning.

I’ve talked about this one many many times before, but it is worth mentioning again because I think it is so important.  These drinks are literally liquid energy!  Sometimes I’ll add liquid chlorophyll, flaxseed, maca, or sea buckthorn oil to them as well for some extra oomph.


Healthy Habit #4:  I make sure that all of my meals and snacks contain some form of protein.

I developed this habit during pregnancy, and I’ve stuck with it so far postpartum.  Protein really is essential for energy, and my favorite sources are eggs (both whole eggs and egg whites), Greek yogurt, black beans, salmon, tuna, and lean chicken.


Healthy Habit #5:  I believe in nap time.

While it isn’t always realistic, I try to take one power nap each day when Michael is sleeping.  I actually call this “cuddle time” because he curls up on my chest while we rest on the couch together.  It gives me a little pick-me-up, but most importantly, it offers some mother/son bonding time.

Healthy Habit #6: I drink lots of water.

I’ll admit that sometimes I get really bored of it, but I try really hard to drink tons of water throughout the day.  It is impossible to feel energized if you’re dehydrated.


Healthy Habit #7:  I try to sneak in a little “me” time each day.

Being a mother is awesome, but I quickly learned that all of my needs are now secondary.  Most of the time, I’m the last person in my household who gets to eat (even Lucy gets fed first), and as soon as I sit down to relax, it feels like someone needs me.  While I wouldn’t trade any of this for the entire world, it is nice to have some time for myself each day.  For me, this means taking about 30 minutes in the evening to shower after MT gets home from work.   It also gives the two Michaels some time to squeeze in some male bonding time.


Well, those are my “secrets” for maintaining my energy.  I honestly think that I’d be a zombie if it wasn’t for my healthy lifestyle.

How do you keep your energy up? Please share your tips!

Happy Friday!



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  1. Protein, low fat & high fiber gives me energy. I am glad to hear you and little one are doing well – love the outtakes. You are a new mom and should just celebrate that and give your body the time it needs – tune into it. Good for You – Have a Great Weekend:)

  2. Erin! It’s been a while since I’ve gotten to stop by your blog. I’m so thrilled to see such adorable pictures of your little Michael!

    I love your tips for energy. May I ask why you take your vitamins at night? I’ve always taken them in the morning, but only out of habit from watching my parents. Tweet me! I’d love to know! 🙂

    • Hey dear! Just sent you a tweet, but basically, I take my vitamins at night because I keep them in the bathroom and just tend to remember to take them as I’m getting ready for bed. I figure that, as long as we remember to take them at some point during the day, it doesn’t matter when we take them. 🙂

  3. What a cutie! Me time is the best tip. A lot of mothers that I have worked with after having a baby either feel guilty that they want time away or guilty at the thought of leaving the baby’s side for a second. I am glad to see you understand that is okay. 🙂 Gotta have the protein and water as well!


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