8 green beauty essentials to keep you looking fabulous throughout the winter

I write this post as the temperature here in Charlotte is pretty warm.  No jacket required.  Regardless, I suspect that it will get cold here again eventually, so I’m rolling with the winter theme today!

Here are some of my best green beauty essentials.  In other words, these are the things that I need to keep me from looking like a scaly snake.

Solavedi Hand Cream

My hands can get seriously dry in the winter, so I always make sure to keep some hand cream in my purse.  Just a little bit goes a long way, so use it sparingly.  My favorite scent is the almond apricot, but then again, it is the only scent I’ve ever used.  A bonus is that this cream also works on dry elbows!

Kimberly Sayer Anti-Oxidant Daily Moisturizer SPF 30

This moisturizer is just heavy enough to keep my face hydrated in the cold, but light enough where it doesn’t clog my pores or break me out.  I pat it on my face and bring it all the way down to my neck to protect my skin from the sun- something that we all need to do (even in the winter months).

Jojoba Oil

I love jojoba oil as the first step in my nighttime cleansing routine. (Lately, I’ve been following it up with this cleanser.) The oil does an excellent job of removing makeup, moisturizing, purifying, and deep cleaning in a gentle manner.  As a result, your skin will be clean but not dry and irritated.

Facial Cleansing Sponge-Green Tea

This sponge is ideal for anyone with dry skin, as it is very moisturizing.  Konjac sponges are one of my favorite tools to use on my skin all year-round because they are so gentle yet an effective way of sloughing off dead skin cells and revealing brighter looking skin.  (See my review of a charcoal konjac sponge.)

Vapour Lux Organic Lip Conditioner

Winter can really suck the moisture right out of our lips, so using a high quality lip product is critical.  This one by Vapour is creamy, glides on like butter,and makes my lips feel smooth and soft. No cracked, dry, peeling lips with this stuff.

If you don’t mind lip products in pots, you will also love Osmia’s lip repair.  I always keep one on my bedside table.

100% Pure: All Natural and Organic, Body Scrub – Vanilla Bean

This scrub has been a staple in my beauty routine for years.  The scent is so good that you’ll want to eat it!  The scrub is just as effective as it is delicious smelling.  It helps to remove dead skin, hydrates, and smooths.

Acure Ultra-Hydrating Unscented Body Lotion

We all need a body lotion to keep dry patches away and to add a little moisture back into our skin. This is such a good one because it isn’t irritating and can work for most anyone.

Ecotools Dry Body Brush

If you have been reading here for awhile, you know that I am a big believer in dry brushing. Check out this post from over 5 years ago where I explain the process.  Of course, you cannot brush your body without a brush, and that is why it is listed as a winter essential. By the way, some people prefer to use a dry brush with a longer handle (I use both), so here is another great option.

What are your green beauty essentials for the winter?


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