A beginner’s guide to green beauty

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I have been getting a lot of emails lately from women who want to know where to start when it comes to adopting a cleaner beauty routine.  This is actually a topic that I’ve covered here and there in the past, but now that I’ve been fully immersed in the green beauty world for awhile, I feel that I have even more (and better) tips to offer on the subject- though I am certainly not an expert and there’s always more to learn.


A beginner's guide to green beauty

 1.  Do your research.

While you can totally get into reading about the science behind the products you’re using, I’m not even suggesting that you have to go that far right away- or at all, if that’s not your thing.  However, you should familiarize yourself with harmful ingredients to look out for and the biggest offenders, so you can read labels with confidence.  The book No More Dirty Looks was (and still is) really helpful to me.  It does get into technical details here and there, but it is always in an engaging way.  I also recommend following Organic Bunny on Instagram and Facebook for up to date information.

2.  Evaluate your current stash.

Once you’ve learned what to avoid, you can see how your beauty arsenal stacks up.  If you aren’t sure about a specific ingredient, you can always email the company; any trustworthy brand will be more than happy to share information about their products.  An easier (and faster) option is to look up product ingredients on EWG’s Skin Deep or Think Dirty (learn more about it here.)

3.  Make gradual changes.

After you’ve identified which products are the most harmful to your health, you might be tempted to throw them all away and replace everything with cleaner products.  And if you have the drive and the budget for that, go for it!  I personally think that can be overwhelming for many people- not to mention borderline traumatizing since it will undoubtedly mean getting rid of some longtime favorites.  So, what I did myself and what I recommend to others is to start off small by replacing things as you run out of them.  It makes the whole process a lot less painful!

4.  Find some trusted brands and retailers.

If you don’t have the time to look up the safety of twenty different ingredients per product, you’re not alone.  Luckily, there are some incredible stores that are extremely selective when it comes to the brands that they will sell.  By shopping through those stores, you’re most likely getting something that is not only safer to use, but also very effective.  Some of my favorite websites to shop through are Citrine Natural Beauty Bar (see my October 2015 Favorites to learn more about them), The Choosy Chick (see my beauty spotlight), Safe & Chic, and Spirit Beauty Lounge.

And don’t forget about my  ever-growing list of safer beauty brands!

5.  Remember that you don’t have to be perfect.

Just because I use all natural beauty products, please don’t feel that you have to do the same.  As I wrote above, I made the change gradually.  And if there are one or two mainstream drugstore products that you just cannot imagine living without, you don’t have to!  Just incorporating even some green beauty products into your routine is healthier than not using any at all.  Besides,  I truly believe that once you see how many incredible options are available to you in the green beauty world, you might actually get excited about jumping in full force!


By the way, if you are completely lost, you can visit my Shop My Favorites page to see some of my go-to products!

If you have any questions about making the change to a cleaner lifestyle, please don’t hesitate to ask.  I always love hearing from you.

Have a great day!


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