A look inside my son’s “big boy” room

Being that preparing the nursery for baby #2 also meant switching Michael to a different bedroom, I decided to use the opportunity to make his room more “grown-up” looking.

However, I use the term “grown-up” very loosely.  For one thing, Michael is only 15 months old, and for another, he still sleeps in a crib and has a changing table in his room (which we plan to convert to a bookshelf that matches the one you’ll see below).

The colors that we used in his nursery were softer (think lots of pastels), but the colors that I used in his new room are a bit brighter and bolder- with the exception of the white curtains and neutral wall color.


toddler boy bedroomFurniture: Bellini// Giraffe: FAO Schwarz// Chenille Shag Rug: Overstock.com//  Hanging Letters: Babies R Us// Tier Curtains: Amazon.com// Fitted Sheet: Amazon.com// Custom Bunting Flags: Boo Bah Blue (etsy)


My favorite part of the room is the bunting flags. I sent Renee, the Etsy shop owner, a photo of the crib sheet, and she chose the most perfect fabrics to make the flag.  It also arrived within just days!  I think that I’m going to order one for our baby girl’s nursery too.

Flag bunting for boy's room

The shag rug always gets lots of compliments, and it is also the perfect spot for a little one to roll around and play.  It comes in other colors too, so if you’re in the market for a rug to use in a child’s room, I highly suggest one like this.

I would have loved to go with longer curtains, but they are completely impractical with a toddler.  They’d just beg to be pulled and tugged!  The shorter ones that I selected serve no functional purpose whatsoever, but they just dress up the windows a bit.  Our plantation shutters do a pretty good job of blocking out light anyway.

toddler boy nursery 2Curious George Bucket: Michael’s//  Fabric Storage Bin: Target// Curious George Jack in the Box: Amazon


We weren’t going with a Curious George theme, but you’ll see him make another appearance in the room…

Toddler boy bedroom 6Curious George Prints: Target (no longer available)// Basket: Target// Cookie Monster & Grover: Buy Buy Baby


There’s actually another basket labeled “Toys” beside the changing table (not shown). They’re so perfect for keeping everything organized while still making Michael’s toys nice and accessible.

toddler boy nursery 7

The picture above is hanging next to the door that leads to Michael’s bathroom and adds a nice pop of color to the beige wall.

I’m really pleased with how the room turned out, and Michael seems really happy in there which is the most important thing of all.

I hope that you enjoyed this little peek into a bit of the room.

Have a great day!

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  1. Loving the “Big Boy” room – lover of monkeys myself and those baskets are so practical and helpful to keep everything in its place too:) Thanks so much for sharing – Happy Tuesday!

  2. His room is adorable! I bet he loves it.

  3. It looks great!!

    I just finished putting together H’s big girl bed. We might move out of the crib later this week. Sniffle.

  4. I love the bunting! Also, the chair is lovely and looks super comfy! Nice job!

  5. It’s a very nice room! I want to adjust Nia’s for her now!! I love that you don’t use bumpers in his crib (we don’t for Nia either)! Michael’s a lucky little man!! Can’t wait to see baby girl’s!

    • I swear that the only time we used the bumpers was BEFORE he was born! We took them out once he arrived and was sleeping in his room. Such a waste! We didn’t even bother buying them for our baby girl.

  6. I love it! It is done perfectly! Great job!

  7. Oh, I love it! It looks great. My son has the exact same Cookie Monster. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to give it away.
    My son is now 3.5, and I’m about to make his room look even more like a “big boy” by adding some navy to the mostly light blue color scheme. Bittersweet.
    When are you due with Baby #2?

    • We’re big Cookie Monster fans! 🙂 I am due in early April with #2 which is so crazy and hard to believe. The time went by so quickly!

  8. I love seeing what other people do with their kids rooms! I can’t wait to see the baby girl nursery!

    I used bumpers with my son – They came with the set – until I realized that it was so much easier to change his sheet without them! He was a pretty contained sleeper so I didn’t worry too much either way.

    So I never ordered them for my daughter – she is a whole other critter. I ended up buying the breathable ones because she moved around so much and her arms or legs would get caught and she would scream. Now that she is older, I also have a rolled up quilt at the top because she kept banging her head into the solid wall of the crib and waking herself up!

    • That’s almost exactly what I did! I ordered bumpers for Michael and had them in his crib BEFORE he was born. Then I read all of these things about safety and took them out. For #2, I didn’t even waste my money buying them…although they would look pretty!

  9. Beautiful room! I love using a neutral wall color – allows so much more fun with the accessories and easier to update as they grow.

  10. Adorable! My oldest son’s nursery was in Curious George! It was 12 years ago and George was much harder to come by then.

  11. With the next baby due in August, we’re starting on the big boy room shortly (which will also be a guest room, as we have no place to store the full size bed in our third bedroom). I think the bunting flags are adorable, and may order some with his name on them to put above his new toddler bed for the big boy room. Thanks for sharing!

  12. I’m obviously a bit late here, but congratulations! Very exciting 🙂

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