A Sunday Surprise

(Please note:  Aside from receiving the complimentary shipment from Lollihop, I have not been compensated to do this review.  As always, the content below is a reflection of my true, honest opinions.)


Well, Christmas came early for me this year.


You see, UPS delivered a box from Lollihop this past Sunday (which was quite a surprise given the fact that mail doesn’t usually arrive on Sundays).

Of course, I immediately tour the box open, and after quickly snapping a few photos, I pulled everything out and enthusiastically showed the loot to Michael (who kindly humored me in my state of healthy snack euphoria).


In case you’re not familiar with Lollihop, I’ll start by letting you know that it is a health nut’s dream.

It is also a box (that members receive monthly) “filled with a diverse selection of wonderful snacks” and “tips and articles from [a Lollihop] nutritionist to explain how to best incorporate the snacks into your day and feel better about how you eat everyday” (source).


You can choose to sign up on a month by month basis, or you can elect for 6 or 12 month memberships.  Check out their website for rates.

The assortment of snacks changes each month, but they are made by a variety of vendors, such as Pro Bar, Terra Chips, Somersault Snack Co., Larabar, Kaia Foods, Clif Bar, Go Macro, and KIND.

My box contained:

  • Pacific Sea Salt by Somersaults (Package description: Crunchy nuggets baked with sunflower seeds and toasted grains)- I really enjoyed these, and they contain 6 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber per serving.  Not bad!
  • Oskri Organics Coconut Bar Almond (gluten free, vegan, and lactose free)
  • Larabar in Cashew Cookie (my very favorite flavor- how did they know?)
  • KIND Fruit & Nut bar
  • Oskri Organics Coconut Bar in dark chocolate (gluten free, lactose free, and kosher)
  • Linwoods milled flax, sunflower, pumpkin, sesame seeds, and goji berries (containing omega 3s, fiber, protein, and vitamins E and B12)
  • Food Should Taste Good sweet potato chips (I had been wanting to try these!)
  • PopCorners popped corn chips (They had me at “popcorn”.)


After receiving this shipment, I definitely plan to sign up for a membership, so I can sample some more healthy foods.  Something any health geek would appreciate.

If you’re looking for a last minute Christmas gift, I highly recommend Lollihop!  This is also a wonderful healthy gift to give yourself for the New Year.

What would your ideal box of snacks include (healthy or not)?  I’d definitely pick Larabars and KIND bars…and Snickers bars. 🙂

Happy Friday!

 (PS- Check out my article in The Fort Mill Times on how to avoid holiday weight gain. And please don’t get frightened by my large, floating head on the screen!)



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  1. I am so glad you introduced us to Lollihop – perfect gift for the health nut or someone trying to eat healthier. I just tried Terra Chips the other day – YUM! Those PopCorners sound good too. Thanks for sharing:) Have a Great Holiday and May All Your Wishes Come True!

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