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Hello & Welcome to The Grass Skirt!

My name is Erin, and I’m the woman behind the blog.  After reading Healthy Living blogs for years and becoming a holistic health coach, I decided to jump into the world of blogging myself in January 2011.  Back in the early stages, I’d journal my healthy meals, nutritious recipes (including The Grass Skirt Smoothie, my blog’s namesake), workouts, special events, and even some of my mundane day-to-day activities.

Throughout my entire life, I’ve been into beauty and makeup, and while I dabbled (and blogged) about green beauty off and on back when I started this blog, I was never 100% committed to it.

Well, I was diagnosed with pretty severe Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) after my second child was born in 2014 and decided to green my beauty, skin care, hair care, and even the products/cleansers that I use in our home.  I’ve always been a healthy eater but really committed myself to buying organic most of the time as well. I truly believe that we have the power to heal ourselves (or at least lessen our pain and discomfort) in many situations, and I’m extremely devoted to my clean lifestyle.

As my interests have changed, the focus of the blog has evolved into a clean living blog.  Sharing my journey, wonderful products, and health & lifestyle tips is one of my biggest passions, and I am so grateful for all of my readers who make that possible.

A little bit of personal information about me…

I reside in Charlotte, North Carolina with my husband (whom I refer to as MT on the blog) and our two children (a boy, age 3 and a girl, age 20 months).  We’re currently expecting our third child (another girl) in early 2016.

I’m also a massive Lionel Richie fan (expect to read frequent references), a former New Yorker, a movie lover, classic television show addict (especially when it comes to I Love Lucy), a freelance writer, a fitness buff, and have the tendency to be a goofball…among many other things of course.

I love to connect with my readers, so feel free to leave comments on any of my posts and reach out through email or social media.

Thank you so much for visiting!