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My name is Erin, and I started this blog in January 2011 (you can read my original About Me page here).  I’m a certified health and wellness consultant, obsessive organizer, wife, mother, and girly-girl living in a town just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina.

This blog actually started out as strictly a healthy living blog but has grown as my interests have grown. I’m proud of the fact that I’ve been able to reveal more of my personality and truly feel as though The Grass Skirt is an honest reflection of who I am today.

You can expect to find posts about health & wellness, new recipes I’ve tried, fitness, beauty, green living, organization, and my life as a wife and mother.

Here are some random facts about me…

  • I have a toddler named Michael and an infant named Addison (boy and a girl), and being a mother is my best accomplishment.
  • When I was a child, I used to wear a button that said Normal is Boring and also used to insist on being called Pickle Juice.
  • I am the world’s biggest Lionel Richie fan. In the history of the world. Ever. Times ten.  In fact, the last song played at my wedding reception was even “Dancing on the Ceiling” and it was glorious. :)
  • I believe that my healthy lifestyle and positive attitude allow me to control my Lupus (I was diagnosed in 1998).
  • I’m obsessed with watching organization videos and makeup gurus on YouTube.
  • I can pretty much recite any episode of Saved by the Bell word for word.
  • My husband Michael (aka MT) is my angel…the kind of angel that drinks beer and doesn’t wear feathery wings that is.
  • I love Subway sandwiches and even wrote to the company to ask if I can be their new spokesperson.  I’m still waiting on a response.


It is my hope that this blog makes you laugh, encourages others to take a more active interest in their well-being, is informative and fun…and maybe churns out some new Lionel Richie fans.  😉

Thanks so much for reading.  It means the world to me!

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