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Searching for the word “popcorn” on this blog will yield 77 results.

That’s right.  I have talked about popcorn in some capacity nearly 80 times in almost 4 years.

I think it is safe to say that I like popcorn.

Because I am such a fan of popcorn, I figured that it was about time that I did a post solely dedicated to my favorite snack.


All about popcorn- products and seasonings from The Grass Skirt blog


Health Benefits of Popcorn

Before I get into how I make my popcorn and some of my favorite popcorn making accessories, let me just point out that popcorn is way more than just a food that many people like to eat while watching movies or Scandal, as I have been doing lately.  (Side note: That show is so intense that it always makes me eat my popcorn in record time!)  Popcorn is a high volume food that is low in calories and rich in fiber.  In fact, one serving (about 3 cups popped) has 3.5 grams of fiber.  It is also surprisingly filled with antioxidants.


How I Make My Popcorn

How I make delicious popcorn

Once upon a time (or about two years ago), I ate microwave popcorn.  Even though MT and I liked it just fine, we decided that it would be fun to try popping our own using a popcorn machine.  We never expected to like it as much as we did, and from there, there was just no way that we could ever go back to microwaving.  Not long after we gave up microwave popcorn, I started reading about the potential cancer-causing chemicals in the Teflon bags and artificial butter flavorings and swore off microwave popcorn for good.

When we first started to pop our own popcorn, we had this kind of a machine.  To summarize, I hated it. For one thing, it used oil which isn’t the healthiest way to make popcorn.  And then there was the mechanics of the thing.  It never snapped onto the base properly, was a pain to clean, took forever to make the popcorn, and parts started to actually break off!  As you can tell by the reviews on Amazon, I am not the only person who experienced those issues either.

Luckily, we found a popcorn machine that we absolutely love! It is an air popper, so it doesn’t use oil.  The machine also works super fast and is very easy to clean. With an air popper, each bucket of popcorn always tastes fresh and light.  It is also nearly impossible to burn the popcorn with an air popper.  As soon as you hear it stop popping, you’re done, and it is important to shut off the machine right away to avoid burning out the motor.

My favorite popping kernels by Now Foods were just featured in my Friday Favorites, and you can read about them (including where to find them) here.   I always try to choose popping kernels that are non-GMO and organic whenever possible.  I swear that I can even taste the difference- though I am sure that it is probably all in my popcorn loving head.  That being said, I also really like this tricolor popcorn, and I am pretty sure that it isn’t organic.


My Favorite Popcorn Toppings

I like to experiment with different seasonings occasionally, but truth be told, I use coconut oil and sea salt 9 times out of 10.

Here are some other yummy and more creative ways to season popcorn…

Healthy and delicious popcorn seasonings


More Accessories

Popcorn bowls

Part of being a popcorn lover means owning cute accessories such as popcorn bowls.  MT and I received some mini bowls as a wedding present, and they are particularly handy when we don’t want the same seasonings. I also like them because they have “kernel catchers” (not sure if that is the official term or what) at the bottom, so any of the unpopped kernels get trapped on the bottom.  Nothing will ruin a popcorn experience more than biting into a hard kernel by accident!  We also have a mega sized bowl that we use when we’re in a sharing kind of mood.  (See a similar one here.)


Ready-Made Popcorn

The best ready made popcorn brands

In my opinion, nothing beats homemade popcorn.  However, sometimes I do reach for pre-made popcorn when I want a quick snack or when I am feeling extra lazy.  My favorites are Skinny Pop Original Popcorn (see my review here), Skinny Pop Naturally Sweet Popcorn (see my review here), Angie’s Boom Chicka Pop Sea Salt Popcorn (They also have tons of other flavors including holiday varieties!), and Half Naked Popcorn (see my review here). Some of them even come in handy snack sized bags!

I should probably note that I have tried the ready-made popcorn from Trader Joe’s, but I wasn’t such a fan.  I honestly cannot remember if I disliked the taste or just thought it was bland, but whatever the reason, trying it once was enough for me.


What is your favorite way to make popcorn?

Have a great day!

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  1. I’d never even thought about eating it with coconut oil. My mind is blown. Delicious!

  2. I am also a popcorn-aholic, and I loved this post! I’m definitely going to try some of those combinations on my next bowl of popcorn 🙂

  3. We air pop popcorn and use olive oil – Mr. Craves is not a coconut fan at all. We are lovers of popcorn too and love that we can buy a bag of ready made when traveling too if we get a craving for it 🙂 Great Post – Happy Day!

  4. I have been thinking about getting an air popcorn machine ever since I read about the dangers of microwave popcorn. I haven’t made it that way in a long time, though I DO love me some Skinny Pop since it’s like eating air (so low in calories!) and is uber delicious.

    Thanks for this 🙂 Stopping by from SITS Sharfest–hope you’re enjoying the weekend!

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