All decorated for fall

Last week while Michael was in Argentina, I texted him with a very important question.



And because he knows me well, he responded with the very answer I was hoping to receive.



But if you give this girl an inch, she’ll take a mile…



Yep.  Michael’s text was my green light to put out all of our fall decorations.



I even gave Lucy her new pumpkin toy, which I’ve been saving for a few weeks now.

By the way, she loves it!

When we first gave it to her, she even tried to take it outside when she went to the bathroom.

Lucy must love fall things as much as her mommy. 🙂

Believe it or not, I’m still not through with decorating.  In a few weeks, I’ll also put out some Halloween decorations, such as friendly ghosts and happy Jack-O-Lanterns.


Do you decorate for the fall?  Do you prefer scary or cute Halloween decorations? 

Have a great day!

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  1. We decorate for fall and I need to get my fall decorating pics up on my blog. We don’t really do halloween decorations though. I can just never find any I like.

  2. Hahaha that exchange was too cute. Um, I have yet to turn my apartment into fall but it is coming. I can’t wait !

  3. Loving your decorations and the pumpkin toy for Lucy oh so cute:) I am hoping for a cool down here where I could get in the Fall mode. Happy Hump Day!

  4. I love decorating for the fall! I am behind this year already though so I only have a few things out right now. I prefer cute Halloween decorations, even more so that I have a baby now!

  5. I just love deorating for Fall! It just feels right doesn’t it? I love that your sweet puppy has a fall toy too…need to get one for my dog.

    • I got the toy at Petsmart for $3.99, if you’re looking for one. 🙂 They also have cute little ghosts and bats. I just might have to go back for them!

  6. You sound like me! I have had half of my decor out for 2 weeks. I asked my husband to get it down from the attic for me (because it is just not a good idea for me to try and balance up there right now-33 weeks)…and he only got down half! I have been BEGGING him to get the rest, but I think he is trying to control my holiday craze a little. 😉

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