April 2016 Favorites

Please note: This is not a sponsored post.  As always, these are my own honest opinions.


I don’t have a ton of favorites this month because, quite honestly, I’ve still been enjoying the things from the two previous months (see February & March).  Regardless, I do have a good variety with food, accessories, and beauty being among the chosen ones.

Let’s get to it!

April 2016 Favorites

The Oh She Glows Cookbook

I don’t know why on earth it took me so long to get this cookbook, especially since I’ve been a fan of Angela’s blog for so long, but I’m so happy that I finally own a copy.  I haven’t mentioned it on the blog, but I swore off meat and eggs two months ago after watching a pretty eye-opening (yet disturbing) documentary, and I’ve almost lost my desire for fish as well.  I’m not going to put a label on the way that I eat, but I guess you could say that I mostly follow a vegan diet.  This cookbook has been a lifesaver because it has allowed me to get creative in the kitchen using whole, real, plant-based foods, and I haven’t missed eating animal products at all because of it.  Some of my favorite recipes from the cookbook (so far) are: Fall harvest butternut squash with almond-pecan parmesan, crowd-pleasing Tex-Mex casserole, and the long weekend grilled salad.

Stella & Dot Costa Necklace

If you want to get on board with the tassle trend but don’t really feel comfortable going all out, this necklace is for you.  It is trendy but not overly so, and it is the perfect way to add a little something extra to a plain t-shirt.

Trader Joe’s Zesty Nacho Kale Chips

Kale chips are insanely easy to make at home, but when you’re also an insanely busy mom, convenience is greatly appreciated. These chips are convenient, healthy, and delicious.  They have a cheesy flavor (which I love!) because of the nutritional yeast, and while they are described on the package as “zesty”, I don’t think they have too much of a kick.  They don’t have the best ratings on Amazon because people complain that the packages contain too many crumbs.  This is true, but I’ve found that the crumbs add a pretty nice touch to salads, so I don’t mind them at all.

Hurraw! Lip Balm in Vanilla Bean

My lips get really dry if I don’t apply a balm before bed, and this is my go-to lately.  It smells good, and it is super creamy and moisturizing.  I’m actually kicking myself for forgetting to add a new one to this month’s Vitacost order!

Honey Love 3-in-1

I’d normally tell you that ranking my favorites would be like to choosing a favorite child, but this month, I have no trouble at all saying that Honey Love is my “can’t live without it, drop everything and order some now” pick of the month.  I’ve only gone through about a quarter of my jar, and I am already freaking over the possibility of running out. Honey Love acts as a cleanser, exfoliator, and a mask, and I’m not kidding when I say that I look forward to using it every night to remove my makeup.  Every so often, some of it gets on my lips, and I swear that it even tastes good!  If you want smooth, glowing skin, you need this in your life.


What were some of your favorites from the month of April?

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