August 2016 Favorites

Please note: This is not a sponsored post.  However, I did receive some samples from Harmless Harvest to try.  As always, all opinions below reflect my own true thoughts.



I hope that you had a great August.  Where did the month go?

Michael already starts preschool on Friday, so I am using this post as an escape mechanism.  I’ll most likely be the one crying at drop off!  You can count school as a definite un-favorite.

Now about the things that I do like…

Harmless Harvest

Harmless Harvest Coconut Water

I workout pretty intensely each morning as a way to clear my head and have a little alone time before the day gets too crazy, and I like to replenish my body with coconut water after exercising.  In the past, I thought that if you’ve had one brand of coconut water, you have pretty much had them all.

 Well, I was wrong.

Many brands are made from mature coconuts which aren’t as nutritious as the young coconuts used to make Harmless Harvest Coconut Water.  A lot of others contain added sweeteners, but Harmless Harvest is pure- which is almost hard to believe considering how it is so sweet.   I know that a lot of people dislike the taste of coconut water on its own, so I recommend adding it to a smoothie.  It is almost like having a frozen tropical drink!

Do not be alarmed if you try Harmless Harvest, and the water is pink.  Coconut water is clear when bottled but contains a variety of antioxidants which can turn pink once they interact with sunlight.   Harmless Harvest chooses not to mask the color which is awesome because…I mean, who doesn’t love pink?

Neocell Super Powder Collagen

Taking collagen supplements is super trendy at the moment.  I am not often ahead of trends, but I’ve been taking collagen for over a year now to control my joint pain.  They can also improve hair, skin, and nails.  I used to take them in pill form, but the pills were uncomfortably large and had to be swallowed three times a day.  So, I started to use a powder last month and have been more religious about taking it because it is so easy to add one scoop to my morning smoothie. The powder has no taste, so you can add it to pretty much anything you are drinking!

Aleavia Clear Facial Mist

This spray is a new staple in my skin care routine.  Being outside in the heat, I find that my pores can really get clogged.  This spray has been keeping my skin clear and calm.  It is also a refreshing pick me up during the day.

Sun Bum SPF 30 Lip Balm (in Banana)

Since I’m pretty religious about applying lip balm, I couldn’t figure out why my lips were so dry.  Then it dawned on me- I wasn’t protecting them from the sun!  This clear balm is moisturizing and soothing and has really improved the condition of my lips.

Cotton Candy Grapes

It is my duty to make you aware that it is cotton candy grape season yet again.  Yes, I’ve raved about these countless times.  And yes, they really are that good.  My mother finally bought some about hearing me go on and on for ages about how they are so delicious, and both of my parents couldn’t get over how good they are.  My dad even asked if they were really fruit!   I have been stocking up and freezing some to have as a snack after dinner, but I doubt that I will ever have enough to satisfy the cravings.

 Fellow Carolinians:  There have been cotton candy grape sightings at The Fresh Market, Publix, Harris Teeter, and Earth Fare.

Breaking Bad

Most of you probably watched this series when it first aired, but MT and I were a bit behind and binged watched it all summer.  (And thanks to the show, we now use the word “yo” constantly.)  The show has action, a bit of gore, emotion, developed and strong characters, symbolism, and ocassionally some humor (Jesse Pinkman’s quote about oppossums kills me).  It takes a lot for a show to make its way onto my list of all time favorites, but Breaking Bad has earned a spot on there for good.


Please share some of your favorites from the month!

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