Baby & mommy must-haves for those first few months


I’ve only been a mother for just under three months, so I’m clearly not a seasoned veteran or anything.

Every day is a learning experience, and I suspect that it will always be this way.

While I won’t be writing parenting books any time soon, I can share some of the things that have come in handy during these past few months.


baby and mommy must-haves for those first few months


Pack ‘n Play

Our pack ‘n play (we have one by Graco) has gotten so much use already.  It is really convenient to use downstairs as a changing table and as a little area for Michael to nap.  There’s even a little side pocket that holds diapers and wipes which pleases the organization freak inside of me.  Once he gets a little bit bigger and can sit up on his own, we can convert it into a little play yard.


Taggies blanket

Michael just recently started to stick things in his mouth- aside from his fists- and his taggies blanket seems to be his favorite. Sometimes he’ll even fall asleep cuddled with it which is so adorable.


Bottle sterilizer

Being that I bottle feed Michael, this sterilizer gets used multiple times a day and about a billion times a week.  It’s a lifesaver and great for sanitizing pacifiers as well.


Michael and his taggies blanket


Boppy lounger

Michael loves this pillow so much (not that he’s told me so obviously).  Sometimes MT and I will place it on the couch and lie Michael down on it while we sit on either side.  It’s a nice little way to make him feel included when we’re catching up on our DVR at night.   (Note:  We never leave him on the pillow unattended when it is on the couch.)


MAM bottles

Michael has some minor issues with gas, but these bottles have really reduced it and help to keep him feeling comfortable.  They are also super easy to clean- a nice added bonus!


Insulated bottle tote

Our bottle bag is definitely one of our most used baby items.  It comes in handy when we’re out and about of course, but every night before bed, I actually fill it up, so I don’t have to go downstairs for bottles during the night.  Very convenient.

[Update:  I’d still highly highly recommend a bottle bag, but I would never recommend the Dr. Brown’s one that I had at the time this post was originally written.  It completely fell apart!  I actually replaced it with an insulated tote by Rachael Ray that I purchased at Wal-mart, and it is awesome…and pretty cute too.]


Cloud B Sound Machine Soother

This soother is awesome.  It secures to the outside of the crib and plays 4 different calming noises-  mother’s heartbeat, ocean waves (our favorite), Spring showers, and whale noises (those kind of freak me out though).  The noises play for 23 minutes which is usually more than enough time to lull our little guy to sleep.


Fisher-Price Discover and Grow Kick and Play Piano Gym

My parents bought this mat for Michael, and I’ll be eternally grateful.  It keeps him occupied for long stretches of time and lets him burn off a little energy.  Every time he kicks his little legs and his feet hit the keyboard, it plays music.  It’s so much fun to watch and listen to him play.

Online grocery shopping

Every Sunday, I plan our menu for the week and then go online to place our grocery order (through Harris Teeter).  Before checking out, I review my order and make adjustments as needed, especially if I’m about to come in over-budget.  After I’m satisfied with my order, I’ll schedule a date to pick it up (some services will even deliver the groceries to your home).  All I have to do from there is drive up to the call box at the store and give my name.  Within about 5 minutes or less, the order is loaded up into my trunk, and then I sign for it and drive away.  It’s so much easier than trying to shop with a baby and a baby carrier in the grocery cart.  Trust me…I’ve tried shopping that way!  There is a small fee for the service, but to me, it is totally worth it.

A special thank you to my friend Michelle who told me about this website.  You can order virtually anything you might need for a baby there, including formula, diapers (obviously), bath products, toys, books, and even clothes.  They also carry maternity and mommy essentials.   The best part is that all of the orders come within two days, and the shipping is free for order over $49.  Again, you’ve gotta love the convenience!




Mommies: What are some of your essentials for the first few months after giving birth?  Anything we need to have in the 3-6 month range?

Have a great day!





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  1. I am putting a insulated bottle tote on my list of baby shower gift ideas – love it:) Happy Tuesday!

    • I’m so glad this was useful to you! I’d seriously be lost without that bag, and it is so great not having to worry about stumbling down the stairs at night. Hope you’re having a great week so far!

      • I am having a great week – thanks for asking:) I am always looking for the practical when it comes to baby shower gifts – something that can and will be used and is helpful to a new mom.

  2. Haha, we have that same sound machine and the whale noises really freak me out too! I wouldn’t be able to sleep in a dark room with those whale calls going on.

    My baby just turned 5 months recently and she LOVES this toy: – it is her favorite thing ever. We also bought the teething rings from and she really loves them too because they’re easy for her to hold, plus they’re bpa free and made in the US.

    • Thank you so much for the suggestion, Anastasia! The monkey looks adorable. I’ll have to get one for Michael. 🙂

      And I am so happy that I’m not alone on the whale noises. They’d terrify me if I was a baby….who am I kidding though? They scare me as an adult!

  3. Michelle truly is the best! I have another reco – tiny little thing but a great toy for babies (my mom gave it to us). It’s a bendy ball that they can grasp easily, Benjamin loves it!


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