Beauty Brand Spotlight on Aleavia

If you’ve been following along closely lately then you already know that I’ve become an Aleavia devotee. In fact, the majority of my skin care routine consists of Aleavia products now.

Green beauty products, while fabulous for so many reasons, can be painfully expensive, and when you are a product junkie, that can become a problem. One of the many reasons why I am drawn to Aleavia is because it is so affordable compared to many other effective, natural, beauty brands.

Founded by Kelly Graham, Aleavia is “an exclusive prebiotic plant-based skincare line” developed to balance the skin and help with skin conditions, such as eczema, acne, rosea, psoriasis, and dryness.  It is basically a dream come true for anyone who has sensitive temperamental skin.


I’ve used almost every product in the line- with great results.  Here is a little info on some of my favorites:

Lavender Body Cleanse

Because the aroma of this body cleanser is so calming, I like to use it when I shower in the evening versus the morning.  It just puts me in the mindset for bed (although with three kids under four, falling asleep is never an issue).  This is actually way more than just a body wash though.  It can actually reduce sun spots, scars, and burns all while softening the skin and eliminating body odor.  The cleanser can even double as a shampoo!

Purifying Facial Cleanse

Like all Aleavia products, this one is extremely gentle and doesn’t strip or dry out my skin.  It actually does a tremendous job of removing my makeup, and I never even need a separate eye makeup remover. I’ve found that the redness from past breakouts fades very quickly when I use this as well.  I do not suffer from rosacea, but if you do, this cleanser is supposedly made for you.  If you have rosacea and decide to use this, please let me know your results.

Restore Soothing Mist

I like to spray this on my face throughout the day when I need a little pick me up, or my skin feels a bit tight, and it truly is soothing.  The added bonuses are that it helps acne marks fade more quickly, treats psoriasis, rosacea, and eczema, and it balances out the skin. (see my review)

Aleavia Clear Facial Mist 

I apply a few spritzes of this mist to a cotton pad and apply it all over my face both morning and night to prevent breakouts and find it particularly helpful during that time of the month.  Many acne treatments are extremely drying and harsh, but thanks to a unique blend of filtered water, coconut oil, Acadian sea kelp, citric acid, soy lecithin,  and aloe vera, this treatment is actually hydrating. (see my review)


I can see myself  sticking with these products for a long while, and coming from someone who likes to switch things up quite often, that really says a lot about the brand!

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