Beauty Brand Spotlight on Mad Hippie

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For as much as I love all things green beauty, I am sensitive to the fact that much of it can get expensive.  While I do adore my luxury brands, such as May Lindstrom, Kypris, and Tata Harper (to name just a few), I’m always thrilled to find brands that are high quality, high performing, and won’t break the bank.

Mad Hippie is one such brand.

For example, where many serums can cost close to one-hundred dollars (and sometimes even more), Mad Hippie serums will cost you less than thirty dollars.

Not only is it more affordable than many other brands, Mad Hippie is also very easy to find in mainstream stores like Whole Foods and Earth Fare.  You can also find it online through sites like Amazon and Vitacost, and if you do choose to order online, one dollar off every sale goes to The Wildlife Conservation Network.

Want to try Mad Hippie but aren’t sure where to start?  Here are my top picks from the brand.

Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C serums can stimulate collagen production, reduce age spots and sun damage, and help to brighten the skin, and for that reason, this serum is an integral part of my skin care routine.  I apply just 1-2 drops each morning, and it absorbs beautifully into my skin without a yucky greasy effect.

Vitamin A Serum

I use this serum every other night to keep wrinkles away and for smooth skin. It does contain coconut oil, so if coconut oil makes you break out, just beware.  Coconut oil actually breaks me out, but I find that only using this a few times a week doesn’t affect my skin in terms of acne.

Face Cream with Anti Wrinkle Peptide Complex

Oh my goodness, I love the scent of this face cream so much!  It is also just hydrating enough without being too oily.  Unfortunately, coconut oil is listed as the last ingredient, and I did find that the cream was breaking me out as a result.  If you are one of the lucky ones who can handle coconut oil, I definitely recommend this cream.

Cream Cleanser

I’m on my second bottle of this cleanser and getting ready to order my third. It smells just as good as the face cream and makes my face feel so soft and smooth.  I do not wear heavy makeup, so I personally find that it does a good job of removing everything at the end of the day (even eye makeup). I’m not one to keep containers or bottles on my counter, but I actually like the way this little bottle looks and it makes me happy to keep it beside my sink.

Antioxidant Facial Oil

When I use this in combination with my regular moisturizer, whoa…Greaseball City!  But after some experimentation, I learned that it is an excellent nighttime oil- and I use it without any extra moisturizing products. It is very gentle and not at all irritating, so I think that most any skin types would benefit from using it.  I’m just about to start my second bottle, so I clearly enjoy the benefits that I see, such as hydration, plumpness, and soft skin.


If you have any questions about Mad Hippie, feel free to leave a comment.  And if you are also a Mad Hippie user, I would love to know what products you like best!

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  1. Great review, Erin! I have been curious about this company for awhile now! 🙂 XX.

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