Beauty Brand Spotlight: The Raw Spa

If  I had to describe today’s featured brand in just a few words, those words would be: fresh, moisturizing, and delicious (even though the products aren’t meant for human or animal consumption).

I’m talking about The Raw Spa, a range of nourishing bath, body, and shower products.  I used and adored four of these products and would recommend any of them in a heartbeat.  In fact, they are insanely perfect for winterizing the skin and keeping it from looking and feeling dull and dry.

The Raw Spa

Both the Cleopatra and Selene Exfoliant Bars will slough off any dry skin cells, and I really appreciate how they are in bar form because they don’t make a huge mess in the shower like so many of the loose jar scrubs tend to do.  I actually wasn’t sure how well they would work at first because the bars felt really smooth and soft, but as soon as water hits them, the granules are more exposed, and they are definitely abrasive enough to do the job.  Of the two, I really love the scent of the Cleopatra which is a combination of oats, honey and cocoa butter.

As far as moisturizing,  the Cleopatra Skin Parfait, which smells divine, truly feels like you’re spreading cake frosting onto your body.  Believe it or not, I settled on this description before I even learned that the product is categorized as a “Body Frosting” on The Raw Spa website.  And if the skin parfait feels like icing, I’d have to say that the Oasis Body Butter the truly melts into the skin like butter.  You barely even have to work it in!


When I opened this post, I called the products fresh, and how’s this for proof… Each item comes with a tag with an expiration date.  Some people may frown at the shorter shelf life of each product, but it makes me happy to know that they don’t contain nasty preservatives and the little notes make me feel like this little business really cares about my health.  Plus, it adds a cute personal touch.

If you need to get your skin is order this winter, head on over to The Raw Spa!


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