Brand Spotlight: Lotus Wei

Since making a full commitment to natural, nontoxic, and plant-based products this year, I have discovered so many amazing brands.   The makeup, skincare, and hair care products are typically my favorite because they’re just lots of fun, and I love getting to play and experiment with them.  However, it is a rare occurence when a brand actually improves the quality of your life.  In fact, I’m not entirely sure that any line had ever done that for me before I was introduced to Lotus Wei.

Some of my very favorite green beauty bloggers, Instagrammers, and YouTubers (whom I will probably spotlight in a future post) have raved about Lotus Wei for what seems like ages, and I decided to take the plunge myself a month or so ago.

With Lotus Wei products, you’re taking in flower essences which are believed to have some incredible nourishing properties and benefits that may positively affect our health, state of mind, and well-being.

Lotus Wei

You may think that I sound like I’m on another planet here, but I truly believe in the nourishing properties of the Lotus Wei line.  In fact, they’ve become handbag staples, and I never even leave the house without them!  Not only are they therapeutic, but something about the ritual of using them is very luxurious…and makes me feel pretty.

My goal is to eventually try every single thing in the collection (especially the perfumes!), but I’ll tell you a little about the three that I am currently using daily.

The first two are elixirs.  I add a dropper full to my morning coffee or to a tall glass of water which I sip throughout the morning.  You can also apply a few drops under your tongue.  I think that they have a sweet taste, but if you aren’t a fan of the flavor, definitely try adding them to a beverage instead.

Review of Lotus Wei Flower Elixirs

Infinite Love Elixir

According to the description on Lotus Wei’s site, the Infinite Love Elixir can help you to experience “unconditional love for yourself and others; attract love and affection, enhanced magnetism, attractiveness and charisma. Magnifies gentleness, compassion, softness and receptivity.”  It can also “[dissolve] irritation, being hard on yourself, hard heart, feeling attacked, resentment, anger, jealousy, codependency, giving away all your energy to others and forgetting your own needs, past trauma, breaking through old patterns.”

I completely get how all of that might sound too good to be true, but I truly have found that I am more laid back when I am dedicated to using this. I swear that it has also helped me to deal with difficult people.

Joy Juice Elixir

With the Joy Juice Elixir, you may “experience joy, laughter, euphoria, contentment, simplicity, playful, letting your inner child come out, enjoying life more” and “dissolve seriousness, feeling the weight of responsibilities, worry, overcomplicating things, repressing your inner child.”

This might not be the best time of the year to test this elixir because obviously many people feel joyous during the holidays.  However, this has been a potentially stressful time for me between childbirth and preparing to move into a new house, and I’m honestly not even feeling a little bit on edge or worried and the Joy Juice just might have a little something to do with it.

Inner Peace by Lotus Wei

Inner Peace Mist

Inner Peace can help deliver “deep peace, calm, confidence, comfort and contentment; strength and assuredness during times of high-stress” and get rid of “high levels of stress and overwhelm; feeling a lack of support; anxiety, nervousness, heart palpitations, fear, lack of confidence, nervous about public speaking.”

This mist smells of lavender, vetiver, geranium, allspice, and I spray it on my hair throughout the day to alleviate feelings of anxiety.  I could see this being very beneficial to anyone who truly suffers from anxiety and those who work in office settings or are in school and often have to give presentations.

I know if it is kind of (Ok, very) last minute, but any one Lotus Wei’s products would make great gifts for loved ones, but you should seriously treat yourself as well.  You can even save 10% off your order when you sign up for their newsletter.

You can also pick your moods here to determine what products might be the best fit for you.

If you end up trying anything by Lotus Wei for yourself, please let me know what you think!

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  1. I saw these when online shopping the other day but didn’t really look into them- looks super interesting!

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