Forgetful husband & healthy eats from the week


I’ve mentioned several times before that I pack Michael’s lunches for work (usually sandwiches on gluten-free bread).  Not only does it save money, but it eliminates the annoyance of having to find gluten-free options on his lunch break.

(Side note: Why are gluten-free bread slices so tiny yet so expensive?)

Well, Michael forgot to bring his lunch into work this morning, so he asked if I wanted to meet him somewhere around noon.

Obviously, I said that I’d love to meet him.  I’ll never turn down a date with my hubby!

We decided to meet at Jump ‘n Java since it’s pretty close to home, and I’m still trying not to wander too far away (just in case the baby decides to make an appearance).

Michael had a Cobb salad, and I had a delicious raspberry chicken salad while enjoying the company of my very favorite person.

Sometimes being forgetful is a very good thing.

And here are some more yummy things that I ate this week…


Healthy eats from the week


Summer vegetables with sausage and potatoes

Grilled flank steak with black beans, corn, and tomatoes over romaine lettuce

Sliced apple and pear sprinkled with cinnamon

Omelet made with kale and onions and sprinkled with nutritional yeast with a side of veggies

Dijon herb salmon

Smoothie with spinach, orange slices, pineapple, 1/2 a banana, flaxseed, and ice cubes

I’ve been drinking one of those smoothies every morning lately.  I have no idea why I always start to ramp up my smoothie intake when the weather gets cooler.  I cannot even blame it on pregnancy because I seem to do this every year!

Do you drink smoothies during the fall/winter months?

Have a great Friday!

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  1. Oooh, that all looks so good! I’m happy that your hubby forgetting his lunch turned into a lovely date 🙂 And to answer your question…. I sure DO drink smoothies through Fall/Winter. I love them for lunch, they are just too good to live without! Have a great weekend 🙂

    • I agree that smoothies are great all year round. Although I did get pretty chilly drinking mine this morning when it was 40-something degrees outside. 😉

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