Friday Favorites (3/27)

 Happy Friday!

I was lucky enough to have lots of family time this week- including a very fun trip to the zoo.  If you are interested in seeing some of my pictures from that day, visit The Mini Skirt!

Obviously, our little adventure was the highlight of my week, but these other things weren’t so bad… 😉Friday favorites


Synergy Chia Cherry Kombucha

MT surprised me with this last weekend, and I was pretty psyched because I had never tried it and don’t recall ever even seeing it in the stores.  It has quickly become one of my favorite flavors of kombucha, and I love that it is slightly tart and that it contains chia seeds.  If you don’t like pulp in your beverages, this might turn you off because you can definitely tell that there are little seeds in there.

Warrior Blend Protein

I’ve heard about Sun Warrior for years (especially on other blogs), but if you can believe it, I only just tried it for the first time about three weeks ago.  It is now officially my very favorite brand of protein powder- and I’ve used my fair share of them.  I love the vanilla in my protein pancakes and my oatmeal, and I use the chocolate in my smoothies.  I also make hot chocolate using unsweetened chocolate almond milk, a sprinkling of cinnamon, some stevia, and a scoop of the chocolate protein powder.  It’s delicious!  Neither flavor has a fake nasty aftertaste like so many other brands, and they are also raw and plant-based.  These will definitely be staples in my pantry from now on.

Aveda Comforting Tea Bags

My husband was a total sweetheart and sent me to the spa this week for a massage, a mani, and a pedi.  While I was there, I had some of this tea, and…wow!  It contains licorice root and peppermint which honestly sounds like a nasty combination, but trust me, it makes for one magical duo. The tea is actually really sweet, so I don’t even add any honey or stevia.  I wish that I knew about this stuff when the weather was colder.  Maybe I can put it over ice?

Teeccino Mediterranean Herbal Coffee- Vanilla Nut

I decided to order this coffee from Vitacost because it is caffeine free and non-acidic.  Since regular coffee tends to give me bad heartburn, I figured that it was worth a try.  I’m happy to report that I have been heartburn-free, and this coffee is so decadent and good.  I’ll definitely be ordering some other flavors soon.

Trader Joe’s Turkey Meatballs

MT and I had spaghetti squash marinara for dinner a few nights this week, and I served it with some of these meatballs.  We can never get over how good they are and both agree that they’re one of the best things we’ve ever had from Trader Joe’s.  If you live near one, pick them up!


Have a great weekend!
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