Friday Favorites (4/10)

Happy Friday!

Today is my 5-year wedding anniversary, so it is a pretty good day here.

Here are this week’s favorites!


Lilly Pulitzer tumblers

Lilly Pulitzer Tumbler

My sweet friend Lindsay gave me a Lilly tumbler for my birthday, and I absolutely love it!  It is adorable, but it also entices me to drink more water.  Whatever it takes, right?


Pomelo & Sea Salt Candle

Pomelo & Sea Salt Candle

My mother gave this candle to me, and even though it looked too pretty to burn, I couldn’t resist lighting it.  According to the Anthropologie website, it is “a refreshing blend of lemon, mint and sugarcane, finished with pomelo and sea salt”.  I cannot describe the scent in my own words- other than to say that it smells sweet and fantastic.  If you live near an Anthropologie store, head on over and give the candle a little sniff!


Puffins Original Cereal

Puffins Original 

Back when I started this blog over 4 years ago, I was pretty into Puffins cereal.  I guess that I got a little burned out on cereal in general because I actually gave it up for several years.  Last week, I saw a box of Puffins, remembered how much I used to like it, and decided to buy it.  Needless to say, I am on a cereal kick once more.  For those who have never tried Puffins before, it is dairy and cholesterol free, low fat, non-GMO, vegan, vegetarian, and contains wheat-free ingredients.


Get Your Pretty On Spring Style Challenge 2015

Get Your Pretty On Spring Style Challenge by Alison Lumbatis

My friend Lindsay (yes, the one who I just mentioned above) has done previous style challenges by Alison Lumbatis and convinced me to join her for the Spring challenge.  The challenge hasn’t even officially started yet, but I am already loving it!  It was so much fun to pick through my wardrobe and shop for the key pieces that all of the challengers will need.  I have always been into fashion and love getting dressed up, but a woman can always use a little inspiration every now and then.  If you’re in a style rut or are just up for a little fun, visit Alison’s page to read more about it!



The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

So… I swore for years that I wouldn’t get wrapped up in The Real Housewives hoopla. But I randomly decided to watch an episode on Hulu Plus a few days ago, and after only three episodes, I was completely sucked in.  Since then, I have binge watched almost three seasons during the children’s nap time and at night after they go down to bed.  My sister and several of my friends are thrilled that I have finally come over to the dark side because now we can discuss the show together.


What Real Housewives series should I watch next?  I was thinking of Orange County or New York.

Have a great weekend!
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  1. Happy anniversary!! I have binged watched RHOBH recently too. I wasn’t a fan of the others but that one I was! Love the Lilly!

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