Get gorgeous lashes without fancy serums or extensions

If you look at the ingredient labels of many popular lash serums, you will probably find castor oil listed.  It got me thinking and several months ago, I decided to apply straight up castor oil to my lashes every night before bed to see if there was any impact.

I’ve been doing it consistently since then about 4 nights per week at a minimum.

(FYI- This is the one that I use.)

There isn’t much science behind what I do.  I just take either a clean mascara wand or a Q-tip, dip in castor oil and lightly apply to my top lashes starting at the base and working my way up to the tips.  I personally find that the oil gets on my bottom lashes while I am sleeping, so there is no need to apply in that area.

Some people are really bothered by the smell of the oil, but it doesn’t bother me at all- and this is coming from a person who is very sensitive to odors.


The first, almost initial, improvement that I observed was that my lashes were very soft.  No one likes to have dry, brittle eye lashes, so I was pleased with that result alone.

But after just a few weeks, I noticed that my lashes were starting to get thicker!  As a disclaimer, I am fortunate to have naturally long lashes, so volume was really my main goal.  However, I actually did notice that my lashes were even longer than normal- and I wasn’t the only person who noticed…

 I truly get a comment every day (sometimes from total strangers) asking me if I have lash extensions.  During the middle of a medical exam, my doctor even asked me what I use on them! One friend actually carries a very expensive lash serum in her store and has to promote it often. After we met up one day, she texted to ask me more about the castor oil.

If you have a lash serum that you love, that’s awesome!  But if you aren’t willing to commit to the expense and/or you would prefer a very natural option, try castor oil.  I saw results after just a few weeks, but stick with it for at least a month…and please report back here.

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  1. Hi Erin!

    I have been wondering about castor oil for a bit and I have some sitting on my bathroom shelf waiting to be used! Do you find that dipping a q-tip into the oil is sanitary enough? I will likely do the same but wondered about dipping the q-tip in rather than pouring some oil out.

    • Hi Kat! Being that I always use a fresh q-tip and just dip it into the oil one time, I figure that it is sanitary enough, but once the oil gets low enough, I do pour it out which isn’t as easy, but yes, probably even safer. 🙂

  2. lovely post! I love using castor oil! Other than that, I really like using Plume serum for my eyebrows 😛

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