Green Beauties You Should Be Following on Instagram

If you’re anything like me, you are just a touch obsessed with Instagram.  And by a touch, I mean completely and utterly sucked in.

Instagram stories is my current addiction right now, and my husband tells me that I sound like his grandmother back in the 80s when she would say that she was watching her “stories” (which was code for soap operas).

I am following so many incredible women, who are not anything like over dramatic soap opera characters by the way, that I just had to feature them on the blog.

Oh and I guess that I should plug my own account while I’m at it, right?  Please follow me if you don’t already!


green beauties you should be following on Instagram

Laura’s Natural Life

I’ve talked about Laura on the blog before (see that post here), but she deserves another shout out.  I love following her adventures as a new mommy to Eliotte, her precious baby girl, and I also value all of her product recommendations (especially concerning lipsticks) and great sense of humor.


Green beauties you should be following on Instagram

Britanie Faith

Britanie is another blogger who I’ve raved about in the past , but this post just would not be complete without her.  Forget Kylie Jenner- you will get major lip envy when you see Britanie’s feed (and her lips are filler-free).  She is incredibly open and real about her struggles with endometriosis and an autoimmune disorder, but her attitude couldn’t be any healthier or more inspiring.


Green beauties you should be following on Instagram

Organic Bunny

A lot of women worry that turning to green beauty means ditching all of the pretty packaging and luxurious products we’re used to finding in mainstream stores.  If that is a hang up for you as well, Amanda will definitely put your mind at ease.  She is all about green beauty products that are safe yet also effective, luxurious, and perfect for those little at-home pampering sessions.  Amanda is very selective about the products she sells in her online green beauty shop,  and I have liked everything that she’s ever endorsed there and on her blog.


Green beauties you should be following on Instagram

Gurl Gone Green

Suzi always comes across as so super sweet and seems like someone who I’d like to be friends with in real life.  I love following her because she is a fellow mommy and her product recommendations regarding food, makeup, skin care, and kids/family are always spot on.  In fact, I learned about Pleni Naturals through following her!


Green beauties you should be following on Instagram


Janny Organically

I don’t feel guilty about burying my face in my phone when I follow Janny, and that’s because I learn so much through watching her.  I can only dream of being so educated about ingredients, regulations, and product safety one day.  But don’t get me wrong, you won’t feel like you’re back in school getting lectured when you follow her.  Her stories always make me laugh out loud, her meals always make me hungry, and her daughter (who just might have the best hair on the planet) is absolutely adorable and fun to follow along with as well.


Laura Lea Goldberg

Laura Lea is actually a chef and technically not a green beauty guru.  However, she is very much into promoting a healthy lifestyle and always has really good clean beauty and personal care recommendations.  Her stories always inspire me to take more walks (which you’ll understand if you follow her already) and to be less of a slacker in the kitchen.


I would love to read about your favorite green beauty/clean living Instagram accounts, so please comment below!

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