Green Kids Spotlight: Pleni Naturals

As you might expect coming from me, I only use products that are safe, natural, and clean on my three little ones.  While I am ultra cautious about the things that I use on myself, I am very strict about what goes in and on their bodies.

I’m so happy to feature Pleni Naturals today, as the brand meets all of my criteria and more.

The products contain safe ingredients, such as broccoli, cucumber, and olive oils, and they get their fragrance through essential oils.  So, they are gentle and nourishing enough to use on the whole family.

Pleni Naturals was founded by the sweet and lovely Allyson Owens.  Allyson took her knowledge of skin care and combined it with her love of nutrition and her children, and from there, she created Pleni Naturals, “a line of natural and organic skin care products for babies and kids” (source).

Before I get into detail about the three products that I use on my three little monkeys, I absolutely have to acknowledge the packaging.  I mean, how can you resist the cute little fruits and veggies?  Every time that my 4 year old sees the bottles, he tells me that they are healthy. Now that is the kind of marketing that moms can appreciate.  Characters on the boxes of sugary cereals?  Not so much.

Side note: Maybe Pleni Naturals should come out with their own kid’s cereals?



Apple + Broccoli Hair & Body Wash

When you have three kids ages 4 & under, bath time is like an assembly line.  Even with natural body washes and shampoos, suds seem to get into and sting their eyes as I am rushing down the line.  I kid you not, Pleni Naturals is the first and only brand that I’ve used on my children that did not result in tears due to burning eyes.  It is just that gentle.  I don’t know what my almost 3 year old does to her hair each day, but dear Lord…the knots!  This wash thoroughly cleans her hair without contributing to the problem.  It also smells of orange and vanilla (one of my favorite combos) without being overpowering in the least.

Berry + Olive Baby Balm with Organic Olive Oil and Mango Seed Butter

This is the equivalent of Windex for me (a My Big Fat Greek Wedding reference) because I use it for everything.  At first, I was applying it to the baby’s bottom when she had a mild diaper rash, and then I started to use it on my dry hands (the cold is destroying them!) and even used it on the kids’ lips at the park the other day.  It has become a new handbag essential.

Cucumber + Grape Baby Oil with Organic Red Rapsberry Seed Oil and Cranberry Seed Oil

I apply this oil to the children when they come out of the tub to keep their skin soft and moisturized.  It absorbs right into their skin without getting all over their pajamas and doesn’t have that fake synthetic scent that most other baby oils do. I’m actually going to order another bottle to use on myself after I shower because I love it so much!


I will absolutely continue to use these products on my children (and myself) and hope that you give them a try too!

If you need a little burst of happiness in your day, follow Pleni Naturals on Instagram.  Their upbeat, happy posts always make me smile.


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