Healthy Halloween Tips


A few weeks ago, one of my clients asked for my thoughts on passing out healthy things on Halloween instead of candy.

My response was, “Anyone who passes out toothbrushes or pennies deserves to have their house egged!”

Maybe that was a bit strong, but my point was that I don’t see anything wrong with passing out candy or eating candy.  It is one day a year!

And Halloween without candy would just be a bunch of weirdos dressed up like monsters and Kardashians.




Here are some of my tips for enjoying Halloween without going into sugar shock or rotting all of your teeth:

  • Wait until the week before Halloween to buy candy for trick-or-treaters.  If you buy candy too far in advance, you may be tempted to break into the stash and eat it yourself.  If it isn’t in the house, you can’t eat it!  You may even be able to get the candy on sale if you wait to buy it. 😉
  • Don’t buy candy that you like.  Much to Michael’s dismay, I completely followed this rule.  If we had Snickers bars  in the house, they wouldn’t stand a chance.  Twizzlers and Skittles, on the other hand, are totally passable.
  • Only eat your favorite treats.  If you have candy leftover from Halloween, save all of the ones that you love and give the rest away.  You can even let your children go through the same exercise.
  • Eat it all- just not at once.  Rather than sending yourself into a sugar-induced coma, try freezing some of your candy and save the rest for a special treat at a later time.
  • Balance out the candy with fruits and vegetables.  As I wrote above, I don’t believe that you should deny yourself Halloween candy, if you really want some.  However, your body still needs some good stuff too.
  • Keep moving!  Overindulging may lead to a sugar crash.  Try to get some exercise in order to stay energized.


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Did you dress up for Halloween this year?  I didn’t, but for some reason, I’m dying to dress up!  Maybe I’ll throw a costume together at the last minute.  The trick-or-treaters might enjoy it!

Happy Halloween!

(PS- Happy Birthday to my very dear friend, Jen!)

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  1. Happy Halloween! I totally agree you can eat healthy options and have a piece of candy too.

  2. Great tips, Erin! We are one of those houses that deserves to be egged! We always give out goldfish crackers on Halloween. Not exactly healthy, but I feel better not giving kids added sugar, and I know kids love them anyway.

  3. Great ideas, Erin!

    I limited myself to 2 small pieces, and really enjoyed them. You have to get into the spirit.

    It’s always great to see the kids in costume!

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