Healthy oral care products for little ones

When my children first got some teeth and we had to start an oral hygiene regime, I immediately gravitated toward the traditional, plastic, character-themed toothbrushes at Target.  I figured that they’d be fun for my little ones to use and that they would do the job well enough.  It just never occurred to me that there were safer and better alternatives out there.

Then one day, I was doing some online shopping and just happened to stumble across some oral care products by Jack n’ Jill, and it hit me!  I thought that I was being so careful with everything that my children put in their mouths, but I was completely overlooking their toothbrushes.

Making the switch was really a no-brainer.  For starters, the brushes are adorable and come in dino, bunny, hippo, and koala prints.   I thought that my kids would freak out a little bit when the Ninja Turtle and Hello Kitty toothbrushes disappeared, but they were actually so excited with the new animal prints!  The bristles are nice and soft and the brushes themselves are the perfect size for little hands.

What I personally like about these toothbrushes is that they are compostable and biodegradable.  “These take 90 days to break down in a commercial compost. Any way you dispose of them, you can be sure that these toothbrushes will not remain in the land-fill for millions of years to come – unlike many toothbrushes in use today.” (source)

Obviously, using a green toothbrush is completely pointless without a clean toothpaste, and our personal favorite is the Jack n’ Jill Toothpaste.  We were using one by Tom’s of Maine for awhile, and even though it was fluoride-free, I just wasn’t fond of all the ingredients.  The Jack n’ Jill is non-GMO and free of palm oil derivatives, fluoride, and preservatives.  It comes in strawberry, banana, blueberry, black currant, and raspberry flavors, but it is also available without any flavoring at all.

The first time that my son used the strawberry toothpaste, he said, “This is yummy!” and then asked to brush his teeth a second time.  This stuff is basically a miracle in a tube.

And probably not at all important, but the packaging is precious.  Something about the little tubes makes me so happy.


I’d love to hear what oral care products your children use, or if you’ve had any experience using Jack n’ Jill products!  And next week, I plan to share what dental products my husband and I use, so look out for that post.

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