Healthy store-bought soups

You probably think that I am off my rocker for doing a post about soup in August, but since I have been battling a cold that has me sounding like Marge Simpson, I’ve pretty much been living off soup for days.

I try to keep my pantry stocked with soups all year long for situations like this, so I figured that I would share some of my staples today.

Aside from taste, I always consider the nutrients in soups that I buy- especially since I eat them mostly when I am trying to get over an illness. I am also very aware of the sodium (most of the brands below offer low-sodium options) and added sugar.

Healthy store-bought soups

Amy’s Organic 

The Amy’s brand is just awesome in general.  My favorite flavors of their soup are the chunky vegetable, lentil, and no chicken noodle.  I am always surprised that these taste so fresh, and they are especially soothing when I am sick.

Trader Joe’s

The butternut squash soup is my very favorite because it is creamy and comforting.  The black bean is also comforting but with a little kick! I really love how they don’t come packaged in cans (which, as I am sure you know, can be laden with BPA).

Nona Lim

These soups are dairy and gluten-free and always made with fresh ingredients without additives or preservatives.  The Company has given me the opportunity to sample many different flavors in the past and my favorites include the french onion, carrot ginger, and tomato.  They also have a thai green curry that pairs well with rice noodles.

Pacific Natural Foods

I always keep this brand of vegetable broth in the house, and I often bake my chicken breasts in the mushroom broth.  As far as their (can-free) ready-made soups, the spicy black bean & kale, chicken noodle, and vegetable lentil & red pepper are all worth trying.

Health Valley Organic

These soups are awesome if you are watching your sodium intake, as they contain no added salt.   I really enjoy the vegetable and minestrone.

Nothing beats homemade, of course, but these are pretty good alternatives!

By the way, they are all really good with some Mary’s Gone Crackers or some sprouted toast on the side.

What are some of your favorite packaged soups?  I’ll share my favorite homemade soups soon as well. I like to freeze the leftovers to have on hand.

Have a great day!

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  1. I am more of a hearty type when it comes to soups, like chili and thick minestrone (a spoon would stay upright – ha). I have to make it from scratch too. I do not always have the time though, so some times I find a box or can option for soups. I enjoy the Pacific brands as well as those bags of soup where you add water or broth, but I cannot remember the brand name. I am craving chili now.

    I hope you feel better soon – Take Care 🙂

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