Home care spotlight: Norwex

Please note: This is not a sponsored post. As always, this post reflects my own true thoughts.

Home care spolight on Norwex

Perhaps you saw Norwex pop up on Facebook, and you wondered, “What the heck is that?”

I sure did.

And like me, you might have rolled your eyes at the thought of one more MLM taking over your feed.   My skepticism started to wane after reading up about the company and learning that it is devoted to cleaning without harsh chemicals or harmful cleansers.  My doubts completely vanished when my friend Mandy, a Norwex consultant, came to my house one morning and showed me the products.

After watching her demonstrate the Company’s popular cloths, I ordered some almost immediately.  I’ve used microfiber cloths for years, but these are totally different.  The EnviroCloths truly clean like nothing I have ever seen before, and the most amazing part is that they require zero cleaning products other than water.  As a health conscious person, I was thrilled to find something so pure and clean to use in my home.


I asked Mandy to share her top 3 must-have products:

Top 3 must haves are the Window Cloth, EnviroCloth and the Dusting Mitt. They are sure to be your most used cleaning items and all can be used with just water. The window cloth works on windows, obviously, mirrors, car windows, glass-top stoves, oven doors, chrome and more. No streaks. Simply amazing really.

The EnviroCloth will completely replace paper towels for you. It is your everything cloth – wipe kitchen counters, cabinets, spills on the floor or table, wipe your table, bathroom cabinets, your kitchen sink, etc. Literally, anything you would use a paper towel to wipe up, you can use your EnviroCloth.  Just do not use it with soap.  They are made for water or Norwex safe products such as Cleaning Paste. The big sell for me with the EnviroCloth is that it picks up coffee grinds that spill out from our coffee grinder. Just picks them up – doesn’t wipe them to the edge for me to wipe into my hand. Love this cloth.

The Dusting Mitt is so easy it seems ridiculous. Put it on your hand and you are off. Dust all surfaces you would regularly dust – table tops, book shelves, mantles, trim work, baseboards, picture frames, blinds. And you can even use it to clean your screens, your dog’s paws or wipe sand off sticky legs at the beach!

These 3 items will cut your cleaning time, save you money on paper towels and cleaning products, as they all just require water.

Added benefit is that they come already matched in the Household Package. (Item #1506 for $50.99.)


I personally use the EnviroCloth on my stainless steel appliances, counter tops, and kitchen table, and as Mandy shared, the cloth can replace paper towels which saves money and is a bit kinder environmentally speaking.  When they get a little dirty, I just throw them in the washing machine, and they are as good as new!  The window cloth really blew me away.  I used it for the first time on a mirror, and I swear that it is impossible to have streaks with it.  It’s truly like magic.  If you wear glasses or sunglasses, you need the Optic Cloth.  MT and I each have one in our cars, and they have been a lifesaver.

I’m also currently testing out the deodorant, and you’ll be seeing more about that in an upcoming post!  I am really intrigued by their face and body cloths, foaming hand wash, makeup removal cloths, eye cream, and body lotion as well.

I pretty much see an addiction forming.


Have you tried Norwex products?  Let me know your favorites!


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