How I feel about my pregnancy body (so far)


Being pregnant has changed my life in many ways…


Now I talk to my stomach.

I’d rather stroll down the baby aisle in Target than the nail polish aisle.

I have a collection of knit animal caps.


Before I do almost anything, I think of how it will affect a certain little person.

My husband kindly brings me brownies, per my request, at 11 pm.

All of my pants now have stretchy waist bands (kind of like Joey Tribbiani’s turkey eating pants).


I eat as much as a 300 pound man.

In any given store, restaurant, or mall, I can tell you where the bathrooms are located.

And I can go bathing suit shopping and actually enjoy it.


While getting to wear turkey eating pants everyday is certainly pretty cool, the most amazing thing relates to the bathing suit shopping.

In the past, I never really cared for the whole process of trying on bathing suits.  Let’s be honest, how many women really enjoy it?

Even though I am in shape, there was always something that I’d find to criticize.  I’d look in the mirror and wish some things were smaller, larger, firmer, higher, or smoother.

Yet when I went bathing suit shopping last weekend, I stood in front of the mirror with my belly and thought, “I look so cute!”

I was smiling.  I was proud.  I was ready to strut my stuff.

I love my bathing suit clad body now and appreciate the fact that it is carrying a precious little human being who I love so much already.

Granted this is how I’m feeling at only 20 weeks along.  I might feel like a swamp beast once I’m further along, but I’ll go with this feeling- even if it is potentially fleeting.  😉

I just hope that next year at this time, I can stand in front of the mirror in my bathing suit and appreciate the fact that my body gave life to a sweet baby boy….no matter how much things might be sagging, drooping, or looking a little rough. 😉

Speaking of shopping, I have plans to do a little bit of that this weekend with mom.  Woo hoo!  You can expect a recap on Monday.

I hope that everyone has a fantastic weekend!

(PS- I recently updated my About page and added a Pin It button to my posts, in case you feel the urge to do some pinning.)




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  1. Good for you – love the animal knit caps too! I remember my girlfriend’s sister rocking and I mean rocking a bikini at 8 months pregnant – she was just glowing and beautiful.

  2. Popped in from SITS! This is so beautiful!

  3. I always so felt comfortable in a bikini when pregnant!

  4. I love it! I, too, am embracing the bump. Recently, though, I’m getting really… wide. Apparently, when you’re five foot nothin’, things have nowhere to go other than out to the sides, haha. Oh, well, I’m going to love this belly all summer long 🙂

  5. I think maternity bathing suits are so cute! Cute bellies are so fun for summer. I’m actually fine being pregnant through the summer. I’m due Aug 1, but I wrote about how I’m ok with having a large belly in the summer here in my 24 week post. 🙂

    Stopping by from SITS!! Congrats on your little boy! I have two of them! So fun!!

  6. Thats so great you feel cute in your pregnancy bathing suit. On the other hand, I always felt like a beached whale with my aqua blue bathing suit. It was unflattering, unkind and more like a tent. You made me laugh out loud though at the picture of Joey, I love Friends and that was a hilarious episode!

    Congrats on the pregnancy, hope you continue to feel great and your husband continues to bring 11 pm brownies! Yum!

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