How I found out that I’m pregnant with baby #2

I’ve actually been meaning to share the story of how I found out that I am pregnant with our little girl for quite some time now.  It wasn’t quite your typical “pee on a stick and shake your husband awake to tell him the news” kind of a deal this time around.

(You can read the story of how I found out that I was pregnant with Michael here.)

One Sunday morning, MT was out flying his RC planes, and Michael was taking a nap. I guess that I was suffering from a rare moment of extreme boredom or something because I decided to take a test.

So, I did just that and left it out to bake for awhile.  During those few minutes of waiting, I heard a loud thud come from Michael’s room.  I immediately dashed up the stairs to find that my monkey-child had climbed out of his crib.   He was upset, but thankfully, he landed on his extremely chunky padded butt.

I brought Michael downstairs and was rocking him back and forth to console him- totally forgetting that I just took a pregnancy test.  As I was walking around with him, I just happened to glance down at the counter and saw this…

Advanced Pregnancy Test with Weeks Estimator Stick 2-3 Weeks

And I nearly passed out.

Of course, I shared the news with a very excited MT, and I called my doctor’s office the very next morning (after getting 3 more positives).  They couldn’t fit me in at my usual location but sent me to another one uptown with a different doctor.

The nurse had me give a urine sample, and then I anxiously waited in the exam room for the doctor to confirm that I was pregnant.

Only that’s not exactly what happened.

Instead, the doctor came into the room and told me that the urine test was negative.  I was really confused about the FOUR pregnancy tests that I had taken which all indicated otherwise.  Truth be told, he was pretty condescending and talked to me as if I was a lunatic, and it made me feel terrible.  He did send me down to the lab for blood work, but I got the sense that it was all just to humor me.

The next day, a nurse called and bluntly said that it looked like I might have been pregnant at one point but probably miscarried.

This was clearly disheartening news, but I tried not to let it get me down too much.  For whatever reason, MT was convinced that I was truly still pregnant, and because I had a weird feeling as well, I took another pregnancy test 5 days later…

Advanced Pregnancy Test with Weeks Estimator Product Tour

And it was positive.

Once again, I called my doctor’s office (and insisted on seeing my usual doctor who is awesome), and they fit me in that day.

It was over 24 long hours before a nurse called me with the results of my second urine test, and once more, I was told that the test came back negative.

Now I was truly confused- as well as annoyed, frustrated, and upset.

I had over half a dozen positive pregnancy tests in my possession, but I wasn’t really pregnant.  How on earth could that be?

The nurse told me to come back in after three days for a blood test just in case, so three days later, I returned to the doctor’s office…again.

24 hours after that, I finally got some news that made sense and seemed right.

I was (and still am) truly pregnant!

The nurse told me that the urine tests they use in a doctor’s office are often less sensitive than at-home pregnancy tests which could probably explain why I kept getting positives at home.  Isn’t that crazy?

I never would have thought that an at-home pregnancy test (such as the one by Clearblue) could give me positive results so early and detect levels of HCG to estimate the number of weeks!

Of course, I still had to go back in to see the doctor several times within the following two weeks just to be 100% certain that I was carrying another little nugget, and after about three never ending weeks of “Am I?  Or am I not?” really pregnant, I finally got my official confirmation.

3D ultrasoundBaby #2 at around 16 weeks

The point of this post isn’t to tell you not to trust your doctors when they say something that you don’t want to hear, to live in a constant state of denial, or that when you get a negative pregnancy test result at your doctor’s office, it is wrong.  I’m sure that, in most cases, your doctor is probably going to be spot on.

But I do want to let you know that you should always trust your gut when it comes to your health and well-being.  If you feel like you haven’t gotten the answers or attention that you need from your physician, see someone else…or in my case, keep on going back for more tests even if they look at you like you’re crazy and desperate!

I’d love to hear any of your stories about how you found out you were pregnant and/or how you told your spouse, so please share away. 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!



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  1. I applaud your persistence! =D It’s amazing how accurate intuition can be and 12+ at-home tests.

    I didn’t find out I was pregnant until I was over 5 months along. I’ve had an abnormal cycle (1 or 2 cycles a year), so a lack of a cycle was not an indicator to me. I finally knew I was pregnant when my daughter was “quickening,” and I could feel kicks and see my stomach move. I went to a pregnancy center for a free urine test and ultrasound and indeed, there was life in me. My belly started showing one week later and life has never been the same! =D

  2. wow, what a story! But good that you listened to your internal instinct and insisted on going back to the doctor’s. Imagine a teenager going to the doctor and believe that she isn’t pregnant but actually she is?

  3. I took a pregnancy test and the one line was bright and the other line was very light. I thought it was negative and went out and told my friends who were at my house for support that it was negative. After a few minutes I asked them if you would still see the two lines (which meant you’re pregnant) even if you weren’t if the one line was light, to which they screamed “NO”, and immediately made me go in and take the second one which in fact did say I was pregnant.

  4. that is crazy that they kept thinking you weren’t pregnant! I had a similar story happen in a way, in that I wasn’t as far along as the dr. thought, so they couldn’t see a heartbeat on an early ultrasound. they said I would possibly miscarry. but I didn’t, because it was just too early to see it!

  5. Wow what a roller coaster ride!

  6. You know your body more than anyone else. What an emotional rollercoaster! Thanks so much for sharing and it will help other women too:)

  7. Samantha

    I found that out the hard way too, doctor told me she could just barely make out a positive and was concerned that it was a false positive despite the fact that I had 4 strong positives at home. Healthy 9 month old sleeping in the next room at the moment! Bizarre that theirs are less sensitive, surely it should be the other way around?

  8. Wow! How confusing for you, and how exciting all at the same time. That’s an awesome pregnancy test for sure.

  9. I can’t believe an at-home test is in fact a better predictor than the doctor’s office!! Kinda scary!! Meanwhile, when I went to my doctor’s I peed and my doctor came in so fast after checking the urine sample and was like, ya, you’re pregnant. lol

    Well, I’m glad your baby girl is doing good and this will be a great story to tell her 😉

  10. Congrats! Thats such an amazing story! It must have been very frustrating and saddening to be told that you probably miscarried but Im glad to hear your trusted your instincts and Clear Blue! Can’t wait to follow your pregnancy on your blog <3

    Kristen @ Your Beauty Fix

  11. What a story! I’m so happy for you and your baby, the little hands look so cute!

  12. Those test are amazing. I love that it can tell you as early as 1-2 weeks. I found out that I was pregnant super early (at like 3 weeks) and at first had a negative urine test too. My clearblue was super accurate and earlier than the doctor! BTW, I love that the baby is covering him(her?) face in the ultrasound — soo, soo cute! And Michael learned how to climb out of the crib already?! So what’s the solution now? Can you lower the mattress?

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