How I keep my lips moisturized in the winter

Dry cracked lips are never cute, but it is really hard to avoid them around this time of the year.  Luckily for you, I have done lots of research and testing in order to find some solutions to this very serious dry lip epidemic. 😉

This is where it pays to be a lip product junkie.

The two main things that I am going to recommend are exfoliation and moisturizing.  Obviously, drinking lots of water (coconut water and aloe vera juice are also helpful!), eating a healthy diet, not licking your lips, and avoiding harsh products are going to help as well.

Here are some of the best products that I have used with fabulous results (all nontoxic of course).  By the way, all of these would make great stocking stuffers!

how i keep my lips moisturized in the winter time

Popcorn Lip Scrub

Not all Lush products are clean, but I am comfortable with the ingredients in this scrub.  It is quite gritty, so you really feel it working it working as you rub it in.  It smells fantastic (though not really like popcorn in my opinion), tastes yummy (you can lick it off!), and always makes my lips feel smooth.  If you want to try something similar without having to find a Lush store or order online, you can easily make a scrub at home by mixing sugar and coconut oil (try olive or avocado oils if coconut oil breaks you out).

Ava Anderson Lip Scrub

The Popcorn Lip Scrub can be too harsh for some people, so the Ava Anderson Lip Scrub is an incredible alternative.  You can also lick it off (for whatever reason, that trait is very appealing to me), but it feels very gentle and is extremely nourishing.  In fact, it feels more like you’re applying a balm than a lip scrub. (See my review of the Ava Anderson line here.)

Hurraw! Lip Balm

These are a fabulous alternative to some of the harsh lip balms that you’ll find in the drugstore.  My very favorite is the vanilla bean.  The balms are vegan, organic, contain raw ingredients, and are cruelty free.  They will keep your lips so hydrated that you’ll want to try every single scent and stash them everywhere!  You can actually get them on sale right now through Vitacost with the code HOLIDAY15.

Ellovi Lip Butter

These are made only with ingredients that you can eat.  How cool is that?  Trust me when I say that you may actually want to eat the mint chocolate scent.  It always reminds me of mint chocolate chip ice cream.  Oh and the lip butters are every bit as nourishing as the body butters that I raved about the other day. (PS- You can still enter to win one!)

Kari Gran Lip Whip

If you’re into higher end products, these are for you.  Even though they are only $15/each, they have a very luxurious feel and come beautifully packaged in black glass containers.  Choose one without any tint to it or pick from their many gorgeous color options.  With these, dryness will not be an issue.

Meow Meow Tweet Vegan Lip Balm

For those of you who always used drugstore chapsticks and/or maybe don’t like lip products that are too heavy or creamy, these lip balms are for you.  Made of certified organic ingredients, these balms have great staying power and help to heal cracked dry lips.


How do you keep your lips moisturized in the colder months?



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  1. I love my Merry Hempsters vegan hemp lip balm! Haha!


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