How I reduce clutter in my home

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If you’ve been reading The Grass Skirt for awhile, you already know that I am a very neat person.  And by neat, I don’t mean great, wonderful, or fine, as defined in the dictionary.  I’m neat in the habitually orderly sense.

Even so, I’ve been feeling as though I just have too much stuff.

Too much makeup.  Too many shoes (that I never wear).  Too much jewelry.  Too many dishes, books, and knickknacks…

Last week, I told MT that my goal of the summer (aside from the fun things on my summer bucket list) would be to downsize and cut back on unnecessary spending and clutter.

Of course, he thought that I was off my rocker because the house is already quite organized.  But you ladies know how it is, right?  There just always seems like more can be done to improve our homes.

I managed to make a huge dent in my closet clutter this past week and sent off a huge bag of clothing and shoes to Goodwill, and I even have a bag of items to bring to a local consignment store.


How I reduce clutter


MT is very technologically savvy and set up a button on our household television remotes that instantly brings up all of our movies (pretty cool, right?), so I never ever have to pop a movie or workout video into the DVD player anymore.  This means that I have tons of DVDs that are just collecting dust and taking up space.

As luck would have it, I  learned how to sell my DVDs for cash recently using a website that is new to me, and because of the site, I’ve since cleared out a lot of my old DVDs (you can also sell old CDs and video games there).

All you have to do is enter the bar codes found on your items, and the website will tell you how much they are willing to pay you for each one.  It is ridiculously quick and easy to register and get started.

I’ve actually done things like this in the past, but I always had to pay for the shipping myself.  A lot of the time, the shipping costs would be greater than the trade in amounts!  However, with, the shipping is covered which is awesome.


Here are some other ways in which I decrease the amount of unnecessary things in my home:

  • Give clothes that I no longer wear to friends who might get use out of them.
  • Participate in our neighborhood yard sale.
  • Follow the “one in, one out” rule when it comes to clothing.
  • Recycle all magazines after 2 months.
  • Cancel any subscriptions to magazines that I never get the opportunity to read.
  • Shop my own makeup stash and use up products that I already own before purchasing new ones.
  • Donate old books to my local library.


I’m so incredibly grateful for everything that I have, but I have to say that it is really nice to scale down on frivolous things that I don’t really need.  It can definitely be easy to let unnecessary stuff take over the house!


How to you manage your clutter?  Have you ever felt the need to scale back on the amount of possessions you own?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!



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  1. I so wish my inner minimalist would come out some days – way too much stuff that takes up space in the closets and garage, especially when you have hobbies that require equipment – ha! I use and donate to the library, I donate clothes to charities or for garage sales raising monies, use the one in, one out, etc. I am a hoarder of magazines though and seriously have to stopped that! Great Post – thanks for sharing some GREAT tips!!!

    • I am glad that you liked my tips! Magazine hoarding is my downfall too. I literally have to force myself to get rid of them. I used to be WAY worse about it though, so I’ve made progress. 😉

  2. So many good ideas. I need to declutter and downsize for my move but I am so overwhelmed by the thought of it.

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