How I Stayed Healthy in Cabo

When I travel, I like to enjoy myself through lots of good food and some drinks just like everyone else.  Even so, I still make a conscious effort to remain healthy (without getting overly obsessive).

Luckily, my taste buds usually prefer the healthier stuff naturally, which makes it easier.

Last week, my Fort Mill Times newspaper column Happy & Healthy  was about staying healthy on vacation while still having fun.

I’ve also discussed this topic a little bit already on the blog:

Now I’d like to share some more tips on how to stay healthy while on vacation and what I did to stay on track while I was in Cabo.

And I promise that after today, I will refrain from using the word “Cabo” in my posts.


How I Stayed Healthy in Cabo



Because my husband is a bit of a sleepy head and I’m an early bird, I went to the gym each morning to workout and kill some time.  The other option was sitting in the room and staring at Michael until he woke up.  The gym seemed more appealing, especially since it faced the ocean.  I’m so glad that I started my days with a sweat session because it gave me so much energy.  After all, it takes a lot of energy to lounge around in the pool and have people wait on you all day long. 😉  Seriously though, it was a great way to feel active and get pumped up for the fun days ahead.




In order to compensate for some splurges later in the day, I started my mornings with breakfasts that were very similar to ones that I eat at home (fruit and green juice).  It is always a good idea to start your day on a healthy note.


I’ve never been much of a drinker, so the fruity mixed drinks at the resort didn’t really tempt me that much.  Sure, I could have guzzled them down like crazy since they were free, but I paced myself.  The evening cookies at the buffet called my name much more loudly than the Pina Coladas, so I treated myself to the cookies instead.




Since the resort was all-inclusive, I had unlimited access to any drink that I wanted at any hour of the day.  Even so, I knew to stop myself after a few Mojitos because they’d always be there the next day waiting for me.  Believe it or not, I even followed the same rule of thumb with the cookies.  Plus, I am a lightweight when it comes to alcohol, so spreading out my drinks was a smart idea for many reasons!


Vacations are supposed to be fun, and I made sure to have plenty of it!  If I ate too much or drank too much or didn’t push myself that hard at the gym on some days, I didn’t stress.  There’s no point in obsessing…especially when you’re on vacation.


What are your tips for staying healthy on vacation?  Even though I didn’t go crazy wild with my splurges on vacation, it is so nice to be back to my normal eating patterns.  Plus, I missed my Zumba!

Have a great day everyone!


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  1. Aww, you don’t have to stop using the word Cabo 😉 I always workout on vacation. I indulge in a lot of good food too. But vacation is supposed to be the time to do exactly what you want, so I could never imagine not working out!

  2. Great tips Erin! I try to stick to the same principles. Get a workout in – go to the gym, walk the beach, tour the town- and eat as well as you can, but allow some indulgence without the guilt. It’s vacation and it’s supposed to be fun. I’m glad you had a great time! That bowl of fruit looks so delicious! I would totally go for that over the frozen drink 🙂

    • thegrassskirt

      Exactly how I feel. Give me a bowl of fruit any old day, and I’m happy! 🙂

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