How to use turmeric for health & beauty

(What I describe below is my personal experience with turmeric.  As always, please check with your physician before trying any vitamins or supplements.)


When I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, my doctor, who knows that I am very into natural home remedies, told me to take turmeric, a yellow herb often used in Ayurveda, to reduce the inflammation in my body.

In the process, I discovered that it is basically a miracle spice rich in antioxidants.  When consumed, it can keep platelets from clumping, prevent cancer, and make our eyes and heart healthy.

How to use turmeric for health and beauty

As I wrote above, turmeric can also be used to reduce inflammation.  While you can certainly sprinkle turmeric on your food to add some flavor, I choose to take it in pill form because I’m just not a fan of the taste.  If you like curry powder, you’ll probably really like it!

I took the supplement before I started my prescription medication for RA, and while it didn’t completely alleviate my symptoms by any means, I do think it provided some relief, and I actually still take it daily.

An added bonus of taking it each day was that it made my skin look more vibrant and even toned.  I even started to apply it topically as a natural skin care agent!  Used this way, I find that it really clears up pesky breakouts quickly and helps to soothe irritated skin.

How to use turmeric as a spot treatment for acne:

Take about a teaspoon of turmeric and keep adding drops of water until the mixture forms a paste.  Apply it to any spots and leave it on the troublesome area for at least 30 minutes.  I actually leave it on overnight!

How to use turmeric as a facial treatment for sensitive or dry skin:

Combine half a tablespoon of plain Greek yogurt, one teaspoon of turmeric, and half a teaspoon of raw honey (Manuka honey works great!).  Mix well and apply to clean skin like a face mask.  Leave the mask on for at least 30 minutes before rinsing.

Sometimes I find that the turmeric leaves a yellow-ish cast on my skin after I use it, but it always goes away after I wash my face and use my toner.  If you’re concerned about potentially having the same skin tone as Bart Simpson, you might want to do a test patch first.

Have you ever used turmeric for its health and/or beauty benefits?  I would love to read about your experiences!

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  1. Hi, I also have RA. I was on Enbrel for years and in this past year decided not to inject myself any longer. Do you share info on your illness? What have you found that helps?

    • Hi Debbi! I am also on Enbrel injections and only started a few weeks ago with them. I am hoping that I won’t have to take them forever. I’ve actually have Lupus as well, and I find that I feel much better when I eat an anti-inflammatory diet with foods such as salmon, chia seeds, healthy oils, dark leafy greens, etc. Drinking lots of water also helps, and I take loads of supplements and vitamins. The most important thing for me though is to make sure that I always keep moving. Now that I am feeling better, it is mucn easier to do so, but I find that the worst thing for me to do is to succumb to the soreness. I actually do plan on doing a post on how I manage my RA in the near future, and I hope that you will look out for it. I also hope that you are feeling good! The pain can certainly be brutal at times. 🙁

  2. I have really turned my parents on to turmeric and adding it to their food whenever they can this year. So proud of them! I know how much of a “superspice” it is, especially for inflammation. Thanks for the tips about the skincare, I did not know those!

  3. I learned something new today reading your post – thank you. I live with inflammation due to nerve issues and the worst part is it messes with my blood sugars. I thought for sure last year I was pre-diabetic with my blood test results, but between me and my doctor we dug a little deeper and it was due to the inflammation. Have to look into turmeric (maybe pill form). Thanks – Happy Day 🙂

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