Huge Whole Foods Haul

I’ve been playing around with my groceries lately by shopping at a combination of different stores.  I’m doing this to see what makes the most sense budget-wise without compromising on health, quality, and freshness.

This week, I decided to do the majority of my shopping at Whole Foods which, not surprisingly, was not exactly a budget-friendly decision.  In all fairness though, I did stock up on some essentials that should last for a few weeks.  Plus, shopping at Whole Foods just makes me happy, and you can’t put a price on happiness, right?

Well, actually you can put a price on happiness, and as it turns out, that price is $208.

I had hoped to film this haul actually, but it didn’t happen because poor Michael was in quite the way yesterday with some teething pain.  I’ve been dying to film though and hope to get a video up very very soon.  By the way, I give so much credit to women who manage to film every week.  I don’t know how they manage to do it!

OK, back to that grocery haul…


Whole Foods Grocery Haul-8


(As you can tell, we use a lot of bananas.  MT and Michael eat them as snacks.  I use them in smoothies and protein pancakes, and even Addie eats them pureed now.  We’re basically just a bunch of monkeys.)


Brussels Sprouts

Earthbound Farm Organic Spring Mix

Whole Foods Grocery Haul-1

 Organic Girl Romaine Hearts

(Admittedly, I gravitate toward this brand simply because I like the name.)




Sliced Zucchini

(If buying pre-sliced zucchini isn’t the epitome of laziness then I don’t know what is…but it sure is convenient.)

Pickled Beets

Broccoli Sprouts

(I love these in wraps!)

Whole Foods Grocery Haul-2

 Unsweetened vanilla almond milk

Portabella Gardenburger

Kevita Sparkling Probiotic Drink in Hibiscus Berry and Pomegranate

Vanilla Almond, Chocolate Dipped Coconut, and Toasted Nuts ‘n Cranberry

(The Toasted Nuts ‘n Cranberry one is new to me, so I am looking forward to trying it.)

Lemon Bar, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Blueberry Muffin, Banana Bread, and Coconut Cream Pie Larabars

(MT eats these during the week as a quick breakfast on his way into work.)

Whole Foods Grocery Haul-3




Organic Bibb Lettuce

(I use these in place of wraps sometimes.)

Peeled Garlic

(Again, laziness at its finest.)

Pico de Gallo

Mango salsa

 Whole Foods Grocery Haul-4Sour Cream & Onion Pop Chips

Zico Chocolate Coconut water

Rudi’s Multigrain Sandwich Flatz

(I love these with the Portabella Gardenburger above.)

Raw Coconut Vinegar

(Another new find!)

Peach Slices

(Michael loves them.)

 Whole Foods Grocery Haul-5Cherry Cola Zevia

(This was the first time I tried it, and I give it two thumbs up.)

Grape Zevia

Strawberry Zevia

Pepperoni Pizza

Fage Greek Yogurt

(This has been my go-to snack lately.)

Ground Turkey Breast

(For taco night)

Organic Cage-Free Liquid Egg Whites

 Whole Foods Grocery Haul-6Organic Onions

Reduced Fat Vegenaise

Fat Free Balsamic Dressing

(I actually prefer making my own dressing at home, but it is always nice to have some ready made options as well.)

Earth’s Best French Toast Sticks

(Michael loves this brand of French toast, waffles, and pancakes for breakfast.)

Daiya Mozzarella Style Shreds

Organic Garden Stir Fry 

Whole Foods Grocery Haul-7

Organic Lightly Salted Tortilla Strips

Organic Taco Shells

Organic Medium Salsa

Annie’s Bunny Grahams in chocolate chip and the mixed assortment 

Earth’s Best Letter of the Day Cookies

(Obviously, the bunnies and Cookie Monster cookies are for Michael, but I have to confess that MT and I eat them every now and then.  They are pretty good!)


Do you ever shop at Whole Foods?  If so, what are your favorite things to get there?

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  1. Great haul! I wish we had a Whole Foods where I am from. Not even sure if there are any in Canada!

  2. We don’t have a Whole Foods in our town but whenever I go to the city to visit my family, I make sure I drop by there. I love getting healthier snacks there. Popchips, natural popcorn. I also love their hot food section.

  3. yes there are Whole Foods in Toronto. One in downtown and one in Markham where I usually go to whenever I go home for visits.

  4. I love Whole Foods and one reason is due to the Tap House. I can go in and get a glass of vino or a brew and take it with me while I shop. It is a great place to have a date night with hubbie and troll the aisles for a change of pace with the grocery shopping. I love their produce, cheese, meat, fish and seafood, and to go bars of items. That is a whole lot of bananas – how many pounds do you buy?!? Happy Hump Day 🙂

  5. we have a few whole foods in London, but they are super pricy. We have a bit more of a trend for produce markets which are great too.

    • It is definitely not an inexpensive place to shop, that’s for sure. I’d love to visit a produce market- or London in general! 🙂

  6. It actually looks like a lot of food!! I love how you laid it all out too so it wasn’t overwhelming to look at! I do love WF and it will be so nice to shop there when we move to Orlando. I’ll probably try and budget by using the coupon flyer and coupons I find when I can, so if you have any app recommendations, let me know!


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