I saw Lionel Richie…again!

I interrupt my regularly scheduled Friday Favorites and Things I Didn’t Share Friday to bring you a Lionel Richie update…

Last night, I was lucky enough to see him in concert for the third time in my life.  The first time that I saw him was in Connecticut, and of course, it was amazing because it was the very first time.  I remember kind of just standing there frozen in absolute shock.

You might remember that I saw him for the second time this past September in Nashville.  It was awesome because the initial shock of seeing him before me was over, and I was able to just relax, dance, and have a great time.  Plus, Nashville is a pretty fun place, and I loved our time there.

But last night was special because Lionel was in our hometown.  Hearing him say, “Hello, Charlotte!  Is it me you’re looking for?” was pretty much the highlight of my day, week, month, and maybe even year (obviously the birth of Addison ranks a bit higher).

Here are some iPhone pics from the night (although I tried to just live in the moment and kept my phone in my purse for most of the night).



The concert was outdoors, and it was the most perfect night for it.  Summer nights also call for some wine.


concert pics


Despite what you might see in these photos, I promise that we weren’t the only ones there.  That would have been nice though!

Cee-Lo-GreenCeeLo Green opened for Lionel, and he was really entertaining.  He sounds exactly the same in person as he does on the radio and on television.


Lionel collage

As always, Lionel was fantastic.  His show was actually pretty much identical to the one we saw back in September, and we were able to recite his narratives along with him.  I told MT that just means that we’re officially Lionel groupies. 😉


Have a great weekend!


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  1. So Cool – love how Lionel said “Hello!” to Charlotte! Nothing better than an outdoor concert too!

    Happy Weekend 🙂 I will be singing Lionel songs with you today and probably through the weekend.

  2. Very cool!

    Glad you had a great time.


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