I’m going natural


I like lots of natural things, such as natural foods, natural beauty products, and natural cleansers for my home.

But something natural that I haven’t always been too fond of is my naturally curly hair.




In fact, it’s probably not off-base to say that I’ve flat out hated it for most of my life.

When I was a little girl, I admired all of the girls in school who had beautiful straight hair, and I’d daydream about how wonderful I’d look with hair like theirs.   I just hated how their ponytails always looked long and smooth while mine always looked short and puffy.


(Me as a baby curly top)


Truth be told, having curly hair made me feel abnormal during a time in my life when all I wanted was to fit in and look like everyone else.

I wish that I could tell you that after elementary school I developed a stronger sense of self and learned to accept my curls, but that would be a lie- and a big, honking one at that.


(I love how I have food in my hands in this picture.  Apparently, I haven’t changed much over the years.)


For instance, I actually used one of those at-home chemical straightening kits when I was in college and ended up completely frying my hair.  I basically went from looking like Ronald McDonald to a scarecrow.

And then, of course, there’s all of the money I wasted on keratin treatments.



In the early 2000s,  celebrities, such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Keri Russell, made having curly hair a bit more desirable.   Even so, I still wasn’t into the idea of sporting my curly top for all of the world to see.

What finally convinced me to rock my naturally curly hair?


With a baby who just loves to eat, my time to pull myself together each day is limited and completely inconsistent (you can check out my 5-minute, “I have a baby who needs my attention”, makeup routine here).

And in all honesty, I no longer feel like slaving away for an hour under a hot dryer while tugging at my hair to get the kinks out (not that I ever enjoyed that process).  Now I’d rather spend that time with my son, who happens to love his mommy no matter what her hair looks like.

Sure, my younger self would feel like a total freak for rocking the curls, but as the lovely (though naturally straight-haired) Drew Barrymore believes, sometimes you just have to let your freak-flag fly.

Do you have any traits that have made you feel different or out of place?  If so, did you try to fight them, or have you learned to embrace them?

Happy Friday!

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  1. I LOVE your curly hair, always have! You never gave yourself enough credit for how beautiful you were, seriously 🙂 It looks like my little babe will have curls, taking after his father, so rock that flag girl, I’m right there with you!

  2. One thing you do not know about me is I went gray/silver at 21 years of age – I had a time where I colored my hair – but I am embracing it now in my late 30s. I get about a 50/50 reaction with either love it or hate it. My mom went gray at that age too and she has been embracing it for years too. I like curly hair so go for it and you are a BEAUTIFUL PERSON, so be YOU!!! Happy Friday – Happy Holidays:)


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