Beauty Brand Spotlight: Juice Beauty

If you’re at all familiar with Ulta, you know that they offer weekly coupons for $3.50 your purchase of $10 or more, and sometimes they have coupons that are good for 20% off your entire purchase.

But there’s always a catch.

Normally the coupons don’t apply to the higher end or “prestige” brands.

Luckily, I had one of those rare 20% off coupons last week that applied to any purchase.

Michael was less than enthused about shopping that day, but even under the pressure, I was able to select three products:


Juice Beauty


1. Green Apple Nutrient Eye Cream

This cream promises to smooth and prevent fine lines (always a good thing).  I haven’t been using it long enough to know if it actually delivers results, but I can confirm that it is very moisturizing.  A lot of under eye moisturizers make my concealer slide off during the day, but I haven’t experienced that at all with this cream.

2. Refining Finishing Powder (in sand)

I love this powder so much so far!  It works perfectly over my Korres mineral foundation, helps to set my makeup, and gives a really nice airbrushed finish.  The product has kind of a fruity scent (which I actually like), but it doesn’t linger.

3. Correcting Concealer (in sand)

I have mixed feelings about this concealer.  On the positive side, the color match is great for me right now being that I am tan, and the coverage is pretty good.  On the negative side, it takes many applications to build up the coverage since the concealer is so watery.  I am also not a big fan of the packaging and prefer it when concealers come in a pot or pan.  I might like this more in the winter when my skin is on the drier side, but of course, the color won’t match me as well then! Oh, the problems of a beauty addict…

 Have you ever tried anything from the Juice Beauty line?


 Enjoy your day!



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  1. I’m currently using juicy beauty stem cellular repair moisturizer! i like it…but i don’t love it.

  2. Kirsten

    I use the Juice Beauty Tinted Mineral Moisturizer SPF 30 followed by Tarte’s new mineral airbrushed powder foundation. It results in gorgeous, glowing, NATURAL looking skin. I almost purchased the eye cream but was afraid it would not be moisturizing enough, so thank you for letting us know. 🙂 Also– the full strength peel is wonderful for a weekly treatment.

  3. Kirsten

    Forgot to add, I definitely try to use the most natural products, but as you stated it can be tough! (especially when a pot of MAC concealer takes eons to use up) But moving forward I am trying to replace products with those containing healthier ingredients, which is part of why I love your blog.

  4. I use the Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair Eye Treatment and LOVE it! I have yet to try anything else from the company, but have been itching to.

  5. So I have a MAC concealer which probably costs the same price anyways, yet here I am putting bad ingredients onto my skin. GAH! I need to change this quickly. I wish Juice beauty was in Canada!!! I’ll check Sephora though!

    • I love MAC concealers. If you’re going to go for a more natural ones, I’d get the Tarte one rather than the Juice one, especially if you ever have oily skin!

  6. I love trying new things, but I love 20% off coupons even more! 🙂

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