Lily Lolo Mascara versus Per-fekt Lash Perfection Gel

When it comes to transitioning to cleaner beauty products, finding the perfect mascara seems to present quite the challenge.  We’re all so used to those mascaras that don’t budge and can only be removed by a prayer and a little eye makeup remover.  We’re also accustomed to finding any type of mascara (i.e. waterproof, black, brown, blue, lengthening, volumizing, etc.) in mostly any drugstore, supermarket, or makeup counter.

You might be curious to know about two green mascaras that I’ve used, each very different from the other, with (mostly) great results: Lily Lolo Black Vegan Mascara and Per-fekt Lash Perfection Gel.

Lily Lolo Mascara

I used the Lily Lolo mascara for about two months.  The initial application process was not pleasant.  The mascara was just way too wet for my liking, and if I happened to blink while putting it on (the horror!), the result was a big, old, raccoon-eyed mess. However, I grew to really like it after about a week or so once the mascara had time to dry up a bit.  It was extremely volumizing, something that I need more than length, and it didn’t run but easily came off when I washed my face.  For a good month and a half, I vowed never to use another mascara again.  But after that point, the mascara got clumpy, goopy, and pretty much unusable.  Luckily, that’s about the point where you’re supposed to replace your mascara anyway, but even so, I wasn’t too pleased.

That’s when I decided to give something else a try…

Screenshot 2016-03-07 at 8.32.39 PM

The Per-fekt Lash Perfection Gel is ideal for anyone who already has full lashes but needs some help in the length department.  There is zero clumping, the formula seems just right, and it lasts all day long (though I don’t think it would survive a good cry session). The only issue, for me, is that it has absolutely no thickening power which is kind of a bummer.  One very big pro is that you can actually find it in mainstream stores like Sephora and Ulta.


Green mascara review- Lily Lolo and Perfekt

Bottom line: I’d recommend either mascara depending on your needs- even though the Lily Lolo mascara has a few cons.


What is your favorite green mascara?  I used to love the one by 100% Pure, but I think they might have changed the formula.  I wasn’t in love with the last tube that I used.  Oh, the problems of makeup lovers…


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