Lunch at home with the girls

As I mentioned this morning, I had my sister Melissa and my mother over for lunch this afternoon.

Melissa is a third grade teacher, so she’s been off all summer.  Next week. she goes back to work, so I knew that this would be one of our last opportunities to get together for awhile.

They arrived together and brought me a giant Dunkin Donuts decaf iced coffee- a craving of mine this week.


Pic from a coffee date with Melissa earlier this week


I gave each of them some muffin mix wrapped up like the corresponding flavor.

Mom’s was blueberry, and Melissa got cinnamon apple.

They’re kind of too cute to use though!



Since my dad was feeling left out of our girl’s only lunch, I also bought him some pecan maple syrup.  Hopefully, he’ll accept my little peace-offering. 😉

Everything was purchased at a cute little specialty shop down the street from my house called Young Plantations.  It is such a fun store for browsing, and it’s perfect when I’m looking for a unique gift for someone.

I just love that sort of place!

For lunch, I served my Arugula Chicken Salad but with a slight twist.



Instead of parmesan, I used goat cheese, and I used balsamic vinegar instead of red wine vinegar.

We also had honey oat biscuits that I picked up at Young Plantations.  It was my first time buying them, and they were so good!




In fact, I foresee that they will make their way onto my cravings list

To drink, we had water flavored with cucumber and strawberries.  If you haven’t tried this combo, you need to make it.  It is so refreshing, especially for the summer.




Of course, there was also lots of baby talk, puppy talk (both of them have cute little Westies), and an update from my mom on the latest Kardashian gossip.

I’d definitely call it a perfect afternoon. 🙂

Before I close, do you remember how I said that I couldn’t even remember the last time Lucy had an accident in the house?  Well, I should have knocked on wood a little harder because she had an accident this afternoon right at my feet.

We’ll get there eventually…

What was the last dish you served to guests?  Feel free to share links!

Have a great rest of the day!


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  1. Jenn staz

    Looks like a great time! I would kill to have summers off like your sister. That water infuser looks so cool!

  2. You look so cute in that pic 🙂

    I was going to ask where you got the water infuser then I saw your comment…I need one! Think that would help me drink more water.

  3. That lunch looks amazing… and has me drooling! And I love the first pic, you look so happy! 🙂


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